[Brief] Black History Trivia was a SOARing Success

Advisory Becomes a Time to Test Knowledge and Reflect

Jessica Woo, Junior Editor

Graphic by Solah Han.

Thanks to SOAR, middle and high schoolers were able to take 20 minutes to connect and engage with peers, all the while deliberating their knowledge on antiracism and black history. On February 24th, SOAR, also known as Students Organizing Against Racism, hosted a virtual trivia event during advisory period in order to inform students of the origins of Black History Month. 

10th graders put their heads together as they think of answers. Photo by SOAR.

SOAR turned their Kahoot questions on middle and high school students. Each class was a team that had to choose one representative to type answers into his/her device. After joining the Google Meet that had been prepared by SOAR members, the game began.

8th graders have their eyes locked on the screen as the quiz goes on. Photo by SOAR.

The quiz possessed a range of questions with different levels of difficulty, from “What does SOAR stand for?” to “Who started Black History Month?” The game went neck and neck, as the placement of first, second, and third interchanged rapidly. After a long 20 minutes of pondering, laughing, and cheering, the 11th graders came out on top, and the grade was treated to the grand prize: a pizza party during lunchtime. 

The 11th graders were crowned the winners after a close game. Photo by SOAR.

SOAR thanks everyone for participating and doing their best throughout the duration of the event. Of course, there’s sure to be future events that SOAR will host – so keep your eyes and ears open for posters and announcements.