• Have a fantastic summer break!
  • First Day of School on August 12th.
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The Student News Site of Daegu International School

Jets Flyover

Daegu International School's student news site
  • Have a fantastic summer break!
  • First Day of School on August 12th.
  • Don't forget your spirit shirts on Friday.
The Student News Site of Daegu International School

Jets Flyover

The Student News Site of Daegu International School

Jets Flyover

About Jets Flyover

Daegu International School’s student news site



 The Jets Flyover is a digital newspaper published by members of the Jets Flyover staff. Jets Flyover is written primarily for the students, faculty, and staff of Daegu International School. As a student-run publication, the Jets Flyover strives to: report in a legal, objective, accurate, professional, and ethical manner, entertain and start conversations in the DIS community, accurately portray the culture of the student body, and give voice to the students of Daegu International School. 



 The Jets Flyover was founded at the start of the 2014-2015 school year as a biannual print newspaper and was revitalized in 2016 as a quarterly print publication. In 2021, it was revamped into an online news site that published 5+ articles per week. As of the 2023-2024 school year, the Jets Flyover is a proud member of the National Scholastic Press Association, Quill and Scroll, and the Journalism Education Association. The Jets Flyover has also won awards from Best of SNO and Headliners in Education.



The publications board is the decision-making body of the Flyover which governs its day-to-day operation. The Jets Flyover staff has adopted the following editorial policy to express the rights, responsibilities, and philosophy of this publication for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Jets Flyover is an accessible public forum that provides information and entertainment in addition to various viewpoints on debatable issues in the form of editorials and columns. 

Jets Flyover will not publish anything that is deemed libelous, obscene, or in poor taste, in accordance with the Korea Communications Standards Commission’s justified standards. The editorial board reserves the right to postpone, edit or withhold from publication anything submitted which does not meet the specifications. 

The meaning of any submission will not be altered, but the editorial board reserves the right to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation when necessary. 

Additionally, the Flyover refuses to publish criticism that is not constructive and not supported by facts. The editors and adviser make the final decision on all material appearing in the Flyover. 

As a responsible publication, the Jets Flyover will not intentionally invade the privacy of any person and will make every effort to correctly spell names and make accurate class and position identification. An accurate reporting of facts is the goal of the staff. 

All articles, graphics, photos, artwork, columns, pages, reviews, and other material creatively conceived, with the exception of staff editorials, mug shots and cut-outs, will be bylined with the producer’s name. We will avoid electronic manipulation that alters the truth of a photograph without indicating that the photograph is an illustration. All contributors, including editors who have significantly contributed to the article, will be bylined. All bylined writers will be held accountable for their work. 

Opinions will be clearly marked and found on the editorial pages or as designated on other pages. 

Commentaries and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not the Jets Flyover and its editorial board or its adviser. 

Furthermore, the opinions conveyed are not those of the Daegu International School faculty or school board. Members of the staff are guided by the Press Ethic Code of the Korean Newspaper Editors Association, which outlines the principles of freedom and responsibility. 

The Jets Flyover editorial policy reflects these philosophies of scholastic journalism. We will do our best to uphold our policy at all costs unless it violates the basic protections of journalists. 

In the event of a student/faculty death, the Jets Flyover will publish a 300-word obituary, including a mugshot/candid photo of the student, to the website. Including details about the cause of death will be an editorial board decision. An attempt to contact the family will be made for comments to be included in the obituary.



Concerns regarding errors in the Flyover may be submitted to the editorial board through the Contact Box on the website.

The editorial board retains the right to determine whether an error has been made.

Staff members will strive to correct errors prior to publication; however, if errors are present, the editorial board will determine the manner and timeliness of a correction. 

The editorial board will compile corrected stories and leave an editor’s note informing the reader of the correction. 



The Jets Flyover will not take graphics or photos from the internet without permission, and will only use such media when:

     A member of the Flyover Staff took the photo/designed the graphic. 

     The editorial board has asked the original owner of the image and received permission. 

          In this case, the editorial board will indicate such usage by writing “Photo courtesy of ___” in the caption.

The Jets Flyover will credit photographers by full name (Ex: Photo by Catherine Park.)



Letters All writing in Jets Flyover, other than letters to the editor, will be written by the Flyover Staff.  

All students at Daegu International School from Grade 6 and above are welcome to join the Jets Flyover ASA. 

Any potential guest writers are expected to abide by relevant staff writer expectations. The editorial board reserves the right to make changes to the article per the editing guidelines. 



Letters to the editor will be published in the opinion section of the website. 

Letters to the editor may be submitted to [email protected] 

Letters to the editor should not exceed 500 words, must be signed with the position or year of graduation, and must include the writer’s email address for verification. Anonymous letters will not be published. 

The editorial board will verify the authenticity of the letter before publication. 

The editorial board reserves the right to withhold a letter to the editor and/or return it for revision if it contains unprotected speech or other grammatical errors that could hamper its meaning. The editorial board will not edit or revise Letters to the Editor. 

Letters to the editor become the property of Jets Flyover upon receipt and will not be returned to the author. 

No material will be published (as an online comment, a letter to the editor, or any other form) where content is obscene, invasive of others’ privacy, encouraging physical disruption of school activities, and/or implies libel. 

Online comments are monitored and approved before publication. Approval is not based on expressed opinion but is based on the previous clause. 

Comments will be removed if: 

     The comment attacks a named or identified person or group unreasonably

     The comment makes readers unreasonably uncomfortable on the basis of one’s race, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or otherwise.

     The comment attacks personally any school employee.

     The comment contains excessive obscenities or sexual explicitness.

     The comment is poorly constructed

     The comment is found to be using a false email address, i.e.

All comments are moderated to ensure that the above criteria are met and will be posted as quickly as possible. All comments must be accompanied by the author’s name.

Personal attacks are prohibited in Letters to the Editor or online comments in any circumstances, and the Jets Flyover reserves the right to veto such submissions. 



The Flyover accepts requests from students and faculty members to take down material such as photos but reserves the right to reject such requests after discussions among the editorial board. 

The Flyover will consult the Media Consent Form submitted by students and their parents and will take down any content that is considered an infringement of personal rights according to this form.