High Schoolers Execute a Noteworthy Night as the Year Winds Down

Students Gather for Another Blowout


The seniors tie their three-legged race ribbons to their wrists and celebrate yet another victory. Photo by Leo Lee.

The High School Student Council(HSSC) invited fellow students to a free-of-charge party on April 14th. Despite the upcoming AP exams, almost 80 participants gathered for an evening with their friends.

Mr. Coleman and the juniors tug for the win. Photo by Leo Lee.

Throughout the night, students immersed themselves in various games and activities. They started off with some classic outdoor mini-games, including a rigorous match of tug-of-war, a mind-boggling three-legged hustle, and the traditional grade-level relay race. After a delicious chicken and pizza dinner, partygoers reveled in board games, face painting, and more at the carnival-style event. To top off the night, they gathered around the bonfire and roasted marshmallows over the flames. 

Partygoers rev up their tricycles before the relay. Photo by Leo Lee.

At the party, HSSC members enthusiastically hosted games and served snacks. However, this effort during the social was only the tip of the iceberg of the work the student leadership put in to bring the spring social to life. Brandon, a freshman in the committee, said, “The preparation was a little overwhelming because a middle school ASA was going on in the gym, so it was a bit hard for us to prepare there.” 

Paul and the seniors pull with all their might to win their last tug-of-war. Photo by Leo Lee.

Matthew, student body vice president, commented, “Although most of the logistics and details were laid out before spring break, the preparation procedures happened the week of the party.” He added, “I know it might have been very difficult to organize and coordinate all the hectic list of ‘to-dos’ when we only had two or three weeks of AP exams left. So I’d like to thank everyone again and I appreciate them for following all the shifts and instructions.”

Mr. Hutchings leads the card game with a mysterious poker face. Photo by Leo Lee.

Mr. Hutchings, the advisor, shared his feedback. Although he praised the members of their service to the DIS community with the festive social, he reflected, “I think they need to do a better job of meeting timelines to setting timeline goals for themselves. Besides that, I want to tell them that sometimes, in a position where you are serving the community, it can often feel like a thankless job, but they need to know that they’re making an impact whether or not they can feel it or see it.” 

The freshmen struggle to secure their lead as the seniors chase close behind. Photo by Leo Lee.

Thanks to the student council, high schoolers let loose all their exam stress at the celebration. 10th grader Isabella said, “I think the party [was] very fun, and I really liked the sports we did in the first session of the party!” Emily, in 12th grade, also commented that she enjoyed the party games–especially because the seniors dominated the activities and took first place overall. 

June and Masa play an intense game of Jenga. Photo by Leo Lee.

In particular, the seniors created countless memories with their friends at the last social of their high school days. Kevin in 12th grade said, “I’m happy because I’m at the party, but I do feel a tinge of sadness because this is my last HSSC party. Hopefully, I’ll look back at this with happiness.” 

June’s and Kevin’s poker face crumbles for a short bout of laughter during a game of UNO. Photo by Leo Lee.

Despite some last-minute preparations, student leaders pulled off an amazing celebration. Now they set their sights on hosting a live, in-person talent show on May 18th. Stay tuned for more details from the High School Student Council.