Doors Open for the Omelette Empire’s First Time Tenants

DIS Holds Ceremony For Brand New Campus Coop

Jio Kim and Alyssa Chang

Glider leads a flock of kids to bring the chickens to their new homes on campus. Photo by Jio Kim.

Glider led a flock of students to observe the chicken coop opening ceremony last month. Elementary schoolers celebrated as our on-campus chicks grew into chickens and moved into their new home by the tennis court. 

In mid-April, a parade took place during morning recess. A wagon filled with fluffy fledglings was pulled to the tennis court area by Mrs. Rouse. Students gathered around to celebrate the newest members of the DIS community. First-grader Harika opined, “I enjoyed the ceremony because we got to look at the chicks going to their new homes and I liked the part when we paraded for them to go live there.” B.Y. from kindergarten also had positive feedback about the experience, “I enjoyed the ceremony. I want to have more animals in our school too, this time was so much fun!” 

“Mrs. Rouse has been extremely helpful in teaching us how to raise chicks, so we asked her to be one of our wagon carriers,” claimed Mrs. Ringrose. Third-grade teacher Mrs. Rouse was the one who taught the students about the embryos’ development, and how to candle the eggs to see the growth happen. 

The chickens were just the beginning of our school’s very own coop. Not long after the chicks moved to their new homes, rabbits were welcomed to the newly opened Omelet Empire.

You can also view the stunning art that was done by NJAHS (National Junior Art Honor Society) across the walls of the henhouse. The club members had the opportunity to decorate the Omelette Empire during the Spring Break. Yujun in 7th grade remarked: “I was able to enjoy doing the art because we tried new techniques like gradient descent and the colors that we used were really unique. There were colors like pastel colors so I enjoyed painting the chicken coop house.” 

During the spring break, NJAHS added a splash of color to the Omelette Empire. Photo by Jio Kim.

Yujun In 7th grade added “When the NJAHS came to ask [other] students for the designs, it was really fun for [them]. They were able to share their ideas, and then when they walked over they noticed the different artwork. A lot of them were like, ‘Oh, I had that idea!’” Thanks to NJAHS members, the Omelette Empire adds as much visual delight to campus as it does a hands-on experience.

Students attempt to feed the chickens during Elementary recess. Photo by Jio Kim.

The teachers thought to have a parade to celebrate the elementary schoolers’ involvement in the chicks’ lives. Ms. Ringrose remarked, “We wanted students to be a part of the [new] chicken coop… elementary students [also] named the chicken coops, so we want to make sure they could also be a part of it and also get to see [the chicks] go into their big home. Now everybody knows they’re out there and can see [the chicks] if they wanted to.” Elementary students spent so much time with the chicks, growing together as the fledgling birds came out of their shells. The ceremony was a great way to let the chickens go, even though students would still be able to see them in the backcourt in their new home. 

It’s become a common activity for students to gravitate towards the chicken coop during recess. Photo by Jio Kim.

Quincy in kindergarten added, “I wish there were more animals [at] DIS because they are helpful and cute. When I touched them, they were like fluff balls and they were soft.” Students of all ages visit the chicken coop every day to see the now-grown chickens and bunnies.

The addition of bunnies and chickens was a great success, as pupils learned about the animals’ growth process, named the coop, and even helped decorate the area. With the community involved every step of the way, DIS welcomes the chickens and bunnies once again.