Unlock Your Inner Self through Graphology

Handwriting Analysis Serves as a Quirky Personality Test


Graphic Design by Jio Kim.

Personality tests constantly pop up in your social media algorithms, especially for the those of us in younger generations. Hence, people flock to MBTI tests and random BuzzFeed quizzes. Graphology, the indication of personality types based on the analysis of your handwriting, also tells you more about your character.

Despite its questionable scientific credibility, graphology spreads far — detectives use it for criminal cases and therapists in their discussion sessions. So, I decided to apply this principle to analyze DIS students’ and teachers’ handwriting.

Paul – 12th Grade

– Down-slanted humps demonstrate that you can sweet-talk your way out of uncomfortable situations.

– Your ‘y’s indicate that you value independence.

– Your connected writing shows intelligence and intuition.

– Sharp letters mean that you enjoy research: you dedicate time to find answers to your questions.

– Your unique capital ‘A’, written without the pen taken off the paper, represents your lively, charismatic, and sometimes fiery personality.

Overall, you feel confident about yourself and your eagerness to discover the answers to your questions makes you special.

Anonymous Teacher

– Connected writing styles indicate that you want to be noticed by people.

– The ‘A’s are connected, which reveals your lively character.

– The ‘M’s are down-slanted humps, which means you are good with words.

– Rushed capital ‘Y’s imply that you value personal space.

– You have a general right slant, which means that you care about family and friends above everything.

You have deep connections with the people around you, and you have a cheery and funny personality. You like being the center of attention and can be a great leader but you also enjoy some quality time spent alone.

Betty – 12th Grade

– Separate letters indicate your productivity and diligence.

– Small letters correlate with your introverted personality.

– Your thoughts control you more than your emotions.

– The way you write your ‘T’s demonstrates your healthy confidence.

– Your straight handwriting shows that you are skeptical.

In general, you make quick decisions and have a strict moral compass. You handle problems realistically and think more logically in critical situations.

Kevin – 12th Grade

– Your right-side slant hints at your friendly personality and how you hold your dear ones close.

– Your large and partially connected handwriting shows that you want understanding from your pals.

– Non-looped ‘M’s imply that you perform good deeds regularly.

Based on your penmanship, you focus on your emotions a lot. You’re sentimental and can be impulsive sometimes. But chances are, you have a knack for critical thinking and math, and you care deeply about the ones around you.

Many graphologists caution that young children’s handwriting typically misaligns with their personalities because of their complicated feelings. But just for fun, I analyzed an elementary student’s handwriting.

Tony – 5th Grade 

– Using large letters represents your outgoing and open personality.

– Your baseline seems quite wavy. Generally, the wavier you write, the more emotionally ungrounded you are.

– You think on your toes and with quick wit, but you need help communicating your thoughts and ideas.

– Your writing is in the ‘super ego’ zone. This shows that you hold high hopes to achieve your goals.

You are a high achiever who loves solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles, but sometimes you might want to slow down to communicate your ideas with other people and share your talents with them.

Graphology provides a sophisticated way to see right through a person. Want to try this too? Simply search ‘graphology’ on Google to teach yourself how to analyze handwriting like a pro. After you learn the basics, try to interpret your friend’s handwriting and find out if those traits ring true.