Beading and Braiding Bracelets with LOVE

DIY Accessory Event Teaches Elementary About Gender Acceptance

The LOVE (LGBTQ Organization for Various Ethnicities) club offered a bracelet-creating session for all elementary and kindergarten students during advisory on December 8th and 9th. Prior to the event, the club sent out a YouTube video promoting gender equality and LGBTQ+ acceptance. 


Minori, one of the founders of LOVE, explained the inspiration behind the event: “We decided to make bracelets because one, it’s fun. Also, two, they [students] can customize it on their own so they can show it in a way they want to do it. So, we thought bracelet-making would be a good way to show that you can show yourself the way you want to.” 

Kindergarteners and first grade students used decorative beads to create their unique bracelets during morning recess. Students came and went as they pleased as they rotated around the tables loaded with colorful materials such as alphabet blocks, circles, stars, and smiley faces.

Cath assists the group of 1st graders as they search for their ideal color. Photo by Solah Han.

Second to fifth graders were stationed at the lower library. “[The older students] can choose to either make bracelets out of beads or weave bracelets with yarn,” commented Minori. 

Upper elementary students weave the colorful yarns together into a braid. Photo by Solah Han.

Vivian, a third grader, proudly presented her beautiful bracelet. “First, I started with these candy beans, and then I added animals and finished up with a happy face. I love making bracelets!” Students that wanted a challenge crafted their accessories with colorful yarns. They had a variety of choices: blue, yellow, purple, yellow, and even rainbow.

Fouth grade girls make a grab for the beads as they start stringing their bracelets. Photo by Solah Han.

Each design had a unique quality that represented individuality, which LOVE members aimed to promote. Although the club initially planned to incorporate flags that symbolized different gender identities and sexualities, it was crucial to emphasize that all types of people (represented by the beads) should be accepted and validated. Despite a younger audience, members decided to take this opportunity to promote embracement and equality and hope for another chance to discuss LGBTQ+ issues in the future. 

Ben proudly presents his hard work. Photo by Solah Han.

Needless to say, the LOVE members successfully represented LGBTQ+ ideologies through an easily comprehensible, visual activity for a younger demographic. Hopefully, this will spark more discussions regarding these issues and teach young minds that it’s okay to be yourself. 

LOVE members excitedly await the bracelet-making session. Photo by Solah Han.