Jet Stream November 4th, 2021

This….Is……The Jet Stream! Jodie and Geo serve up two great segments today. First KD and Mikey spent the day at a Saturday volleyball practice. Then Eric and Jacob show you the all-new first grade classroom. These stories and more on today’s Jet Stream.

K.D. and Mikey bring you an update on the revamped SKAC volleyball practice system. There are many new changes: from practices on new courts outside to having a record number of student athletes on the team, so there was a lot to cover. They interviewed some of the players and coaches to get a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.

Jacob and Eric found out that there was a big change in the ECC building over the break. The wall between the first grade room and an office was broken down and the classroom doubled in size. First graders are very excited. Let’s hear from teachers and students about the new room.