[Photos] Middle and High Schoolers Break the Ice at High1

Take a Look at the First Ski & Snowboard Trip Since COVID

Jane Nam, Luna Kang, and Grace Chae

To wrap up the winter, DIS students bundled up and hopped on a bus to High1 Ski Resort at the beginning of March. The long-anticipated trip was the first in four years, which made it even more meaningful and memorable for all. Gratefully, parents and teachers volunteered as chaperones, which ensured the safety of the students. 

On the second day, beginners took lessons to gain skills, while veterans had freedom on the slopes. Students piled into karaoke rooms and challenged each other to card games. Except for the time in the cafeteria, kids ventured around the entire place. Three days in the snow strengthened bonds. The soreness on Monday was surely worth all the memories.