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The Student News Site of Daegu International School

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Middle school basketball finishes in fifth at first-ever KISAC appearance

Varsity and JV both hit bittersweet buzzer-beaters in Jeju
Jets Flyover Staff
William Seo (number 30) weaves through the Dragon’s defense and attacks the rim. He dishes it out to the open man for a wide open three pointer.

The middle school boys’ basketball traveled to Korea International School Jeju (KISJ) for the KISAC tournament from May 16 to 18. Six different schools contended for the gold: DIS, KISJ, Saint Johnsbury Academy Jeju (SJAJ), North London Collegiate School (NLCS), Busan Foreign School (BFS), and Fayston Preparatory School (FPS). Jeju schools’ physicality and rough style caused injuries, and DIS placed 5th in both divisions.

Varsity faced NLCS for their first game. Alex Seo (number 12) shined in the first half as he sank jumper after jumper. However, the Jets failed to pull through due to their lack of size and gave up the first game to the Orcas 16-36. 

Shortly after, they played their mainland rival, BFS. Standing at the brink of elimination, they needed a win. In the final seconds, both tied at 20-20, the Sharks chucked up a three-pointer and swished. 

“The game against BFS was really close. Lots of us were expecting an easy win, but the results came out different. However, even with the loss, we focused back on the games and tried to win the remaining games,” said Henry Kwak (number 25), 7th grade varsity shooting guard. 

Kevin Ahn (number 27) steps on his breaks before finishing through contact. As the junior varsity ace, Kevin leads the team through his exceptional shot-making abilities. (Alex Seo)

Regardless of the outcome, they clashed with the Eagles to end day one. They trailed by five in the fourth quarter (23-18) when Alex Seo fouled out. With their key member gone, anxiety arose. Junsei Tsuchimoto, unfazed by the pressure, beat the buzzer with a 3-pointer that tied the game. 

In overtime, both teams initially fumbled. After long scoreless minutes with FPS up by a single point, Henry bottomed a corner mid-range with 6.5 seconds on the clock. They came out victorious as the scoreboard showed 25-24.

Coach Kaschub calls the team for a brief breakdown. The pep-talk motivates the athletes even more and boosts their morale for the trophy on day two. (CJ Park)

On day two, the boys stumbled against the SJA Hilltoppers (39-18) and KISJ Dragons (38-13) to finalize the round-robin. The huge 6-footers from Jeju towered over the Daegu athletes. Regardless, a new duo emerged. Like Kobe and Shaq, Jason Kim point guard swerved swiftly around the defense as big man William Seo snagged rebounds even with an ankle sprain. 

Jason Kim (number 8) squares off against the KISJ ace. He fakes him with a quick jab and pockets a pass for an easy bucket. (Jets Flyover Staff)

Ultimately, DIS ended up second to last and matched up for the fifth-place spot. Improved by miles just within a day, they ruled the Sharks with a blowout win (29-15).

“DIS was one of the teams that worked really hard, and even with their losses, they continued to try, and I really respected it. Number 8, the point guard of the team, really stood out for me, too,” said Wonjun Lee (number 22), the ace player from the champions KISJ. 

Coach Bryan Lee directs Josh Lee (number 13) to run the plays and informs him of the position he is in. Josh takes the advice and moves accordingly. (Alex Seo)

JV also dedicated themselves to their peak performance. With inexperienced youngsters, they sadly lost all their round-robin games. In the rematch against BFS for 5th, they came on top with scores of 17-7. The rising stars hope to come back next year.

Kevin Ahn (number 27) and Daniel Beck (number 29) box out the opponent for a board. Kevin wins the rebound, takes a drop step, and finishes through defense. (William Seo)

In the end, the opportunities for the DIS players to play against diverse teams improved their tactics, experience, and teamwork. For the upcoming SKAC tourney on May 22. , the KISAC event serves as a strong foundation for a step up.

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Alex Seo
Alex Seo, Writer
Alex Seo, an eighth-grader who loves to write, returns to the Flyover to share school news and personal opinions. He plays a diverse array of sports which include futsal, volleyball, and badminton. SKAC events deliver Alex with an indescribable thrill. He loves to deep dive into topics that hype him up. In order to realize his dream position as a future Flyover editor, Alex plans to further craft his journalist skills this year.
CJ Park
CJ Park, Writer
CJ Park, returns to his final year of middle school as an enthusiastic Jets Flyover writer. He loves to code and dabbles in mathematics as well. Outside of academics, CJ plays games like Four Square with his friends and listens to bands like Vulfpeck and the Fearless Fliers. He also fiddles with many different instruments like the saxophone, piano, drums, and the guitar.
William Seo
William Seo, Writer
William Seo, born in Daegu in the late aughts, moved to New Zealand at a young age. He returned to his homeland at six years old. Economics and geopolitics intrigue young William. In his spare time, he plays badminton, reads books, and watches a bit of TV here and there. Pop songs from the last decade inspire him to lace up his dancing shoes. William wishes to address contemporary global challenges in his work for the Flyover.
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