What did you do during this winter break?


Graphic by Helen Rho.

Helen Rho, Jodie Lee, and Jade Lee

Three weeks of winter break swooped by quickly. This cozy time off brought families and friends together, creating unforgettable moments. Let’s check out what some Jets did during their well-deserved time away from campus.

Ms. Lualhati, Science teacher

It was perfect. My winter break had been very busy with families and reunions with classmates from high school. It was really interesting. I had family reunions with my relatives that I haven’t been in contact with for years. We went to the farm, and had a great time together.





Ruby, 3rd grade

I went to Seoul and I went to Lotte Hotel and over there I went to Lotte World. On the last day of winter break, my dad really wanted to watch Avatar for the whole winter break so dad took us to Megabox. He said, “don’t sleep,” because it’s all money, and then he started sleeping, so he was mad at himself.





Ms. Zhu, Chinese teacher

I think it was a really fun winter break for me. One thing I did was I went to Jeju for a week. But it was snowing so heavily. I’ve never seen that kind of snow in my whole life. I mean I’ve traveled to different countries, but nowhere else have I seen that kind of snow, and I saw it in Jeju this time. It was such a dramatic snow show. Afterward, for the rest of the five days, when the weather was good, we went to Seogwipo (서귀포) and explored a lot. It was really relaxing, with the ocean, cafe, and good food.



Maei, 3rd grade

Well, it was like mostly about rolling in my bed and sleeping, that’s my main topic. I got sick a little bit, it wasn’t a big disease so I was pretty fine. And for the last two days, I went to my great aunt’s house. I think it was in Sejong City. It was very good, my dad even was telling a joke, and he was like, “Hey, why is this city’s name Sejong, did king Sejong live here?” And I’m like, “Dad stop telling these lame jokes.” We just visited there and went to a nature museum which had three big rooms. The tropical garden was my favorite place.




Paul, 12th grade

I went to Japan with some other seniors, which were my friends. We ate many delicious foods. We also went to Hakone Hot Spring. It was good, it was very relaxing, and the food there was delicious.





Jayden, 10th grade

I played video games, like Fifa Online, and watched movies. Actually, I watched the drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo (이상한 변호사 우영우). I enjoyed the drama, the storyline was very interesting.






Irene, 3rd grade

During winter break, I went to America, to Irvine. I met my friends there, Jennifer, Jennette, and Jeff.  Jeff was a boy and he was in kindergarten, he was really cute. He wanted to play handball. Jennette was about my age, in 2nd grade, but I’m in 3rd grade. She acted really cute, but sometimes I didn’t like her. And finally, Jennifer was in 7th grade, she likes to play a video game called Roblox, and her avatar was really pretty.





Jayden, 8th grade

I went to Jirisan (지리산) with my mom. I climbed the mountain. It was cold, there was a lot of snow, and it was nice. There was a resting place in the middle of the mountain, and I ate kimbap there, which was really good.






Mrs. Jolly, Counselor & Athletic Director

My winter break was great! My daughter Macyn came for the break and we did all her favorite things that she remembered about Korea. We went to her favorite restaurants and we did all her favorite activities, and she saw some friends. So that was really great. Unfortunately, McKenna’s flight got canceled and she couldn’t come, so I was pretty disappointed, but overall it was a great break.





Yujun, 8th grade

I went to Muju skiing, and it was really enjoyable and exciting. I used to know just the basics, how to go down, but I learned skills, like how to turn and it was really fun. Other than skiing, I also went to Busan to watch the sunrise. It was really nice to see the sunrise on January 1st, the new year’s sunrise, and I wished for my new year’s goal.








Mr. Hinkle, English teacher (the teacher who is better than Mr. Lipsky)

Um, it was pretty boring actually, I hardly did a thing. I got a COVID booster shot and a new boiler put in because ours died, and I walked my dog a lot. That’s really it. It was exceedingly non-interesting. 





It sounds like most of us enjoyed an eventful winter break. As we dive into 2023, I look forward to what other experiences and adventures will be fulfilled on campus. Happy New Year, Jets!