Meet the Little Leaders Behind New Community Additions

National Elementary Honor Society and Student Council Launch New Ideas 


The National Elementary Honor Society poses after filling their bag full of trash.

Alex Seo, Mikey Pierog, and Alyssa Chang

By now, our whole school is in the know about the new Snack Shack and the cute chicks that hatched here on campus. If you’re excited about these two big additions to the DIS community, thank the National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) and the Elementary Student Council.

The NEHS and Elementary Student Council meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15-9:35 at the ECC. All 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students can join this lunch club to help plan events and improvements within the elementary school community.

Ms. Suozzo and Mrs. Ringrose, the club advisors, got the idea for a snack-selling booth from Mr. Jolly, who came to them and suggested the idea. The advisors quickly agreed and shared the concept with the NEHS and student council. Ms. Suozzo explained, “They were so thrilled for the Snack Shack, thinking of ideas of menus to sell during elementary recess time.” The two groups plan to sell snacks during the elementary morning recess (9:15 through 9:35). 

Elementary students enjoy popsicles sold by their peers in NEHS. Photo by Jinny Lee.

The new chicken coop is located next to the tennis court behind the gym. This new addition was also Mr. Jolly’s idea, suggested as a fun addition for the Early Childhood Center (ECC). Before the chicks hatched, a naming contest was held to decide the official name of the new coop. The most votes went to the “Omelette Empire,” which is now the coop’s official name.

The members of NEHS and Elementary Student Council take initiative by voting for their favorite chicken coop name. Photo by Kaylie Jeong.
Adorable chickens in the chicken coop designed and located in the ECC. Photo by Alex Seo and Kaylie Jeong.

The students are essential to these new additions. Chloe, a snack shack employee from the NEHS, said, “I thought it was a good thing to help others and work in the Snack Shack.” She currently enjoys the events they host during lunch and finds it worth spending her recess time for the club.

The Snack Shack launched with various delicious snacks ready to be sold. Mr. Jolly and Ms. Suozzo are planning “designated sitting spots” for the students to enjoy their snacks. The number of students at each table will depend on the current regulations.

NEHS also planned an event to pick up trash at Bongmu Lake from 2:30-4:15. Mrs. Ringrose, the club supervisor, said, “NEHS wanted to get a chance to go out into the community, and we noticed that Earth Day was coming up, so we thought one great way to get into the community is to pick up trash to celebrate the upcoming day. I think we are very excited, and everyone should take a minute, especially on Earth Day, and make sure our planet is safe for the rest of our lives.”   

A student of NEHS picking up trash to better the community. Photo by Alex Seo.

The students seem to be taking more initiative because of the clubs. Michelle, in 5th grade, explained, “Since we want to help the community and try [to help] save the world, we wanted to go outside of school (into larger areas) and clean the community, … picking up trash.” 

Both groups are trying their best to develop the DIS community and help the environment. Send support and encouragement to the National Elementary Honors Society and Elementary Student Council!