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  • First Day of School on August 12th.
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The Student News Site of Daegu International School

Jets Flyover

Jets volleyball girls fly to Camp Walker for a rematch

Junior varsity wins one set and varsity meets a tough opponent

The DIS girls’ varsity (V) and junior varsity (JV) volleyball teams traveled to Camp Walker for a chance for redemption against the Daegu Middle High School (DMHS) Warriors on Tuesday, Oct. 17. The two schools faced each other for the first time this season in a friendly at DIS back in September. 

The night started as the two B teams faced off. DMHS took the first set with their strong serves and well-organized play as DIS faltered due to jitters. “We were really nervous at the first set because it’s our first time in DMHS. I think the reason why we lost was because we were just nervous,” junior varsity captain Dana Lee in 11th grade said.    

But soon the tides turned as the Jets started to rev up. DIS girls consistently aced their serves and dove for numerous saves. They took back the second set with a score of 25:19.  

Despite the comeback, the game ended with a loss for the Jets: a final score of 9:15. The JV players expressed frustration with the near-win, but remained optimistic nevertheless. “I’m so proud of us and grateful for winning the second set. We had really close matches, so it’s a bit of a bummer. Still, more games are here to come, so I want to practice harder until then to achieve better results as a whole,” Lee said.

The next game between the two varsity squads provided a valuable opportunity for growth. Though they lost the match with a set score of 3:0, the rounds showcased great rallies and encouraged them to improve further.

The varsity roster performed with noticeable enhancements compared to their previous game against the Warriors. “We showed a lot of improvement. Even though we lost all of our games, our score difference was really small compared to our first match. In the first match, we were behind by around 10 points. This time, we were really close to winning,” varsity captain Sunny Oh in 11th grade said.

Despite substantial growth, room for further refinement remains. DMHS’s hard and fast serves posed a challenge for the DIS girls. The varsity squad missed 14 receives, and the JV team missed 17. “We need way more receiving practice. It was one of our issues at the [SKAC] finals as well,” co-captain Minori Kojima in 10th grade said.  

Nonetheless, players enjoyed the novelty of the experience. “For most of us, it was the first time going on base, so everything was very different compared to our campus. It was really exciting to go and visit their campus. It really looked like America. I couldn’t even tell we were in Korea, so that was exciting,” said Oh. 

The matches brought the two schools closer together as players bonded over their shared love of volleyball. “It was a really fun game. We had a challenge, which we liked. I really like playing with this team. Especially since we’re so close to each other, I feel like we can have more friendly matches and can make more friends,” DMHS JV captain Lorraine Francisco said.  

The scrimmage provided good practice for the Jets, who head to the Korean International School Activities Conference (KISAC) tournament at the North London Collegiate School of Jeju on Nov. 16. The friendly games against DMHS lay the foundation for more match-ups in the future, as the schools build a wholesome rivalry. 

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Eugene Sung, Writer
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Ava Cho, Photographer / Designer
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