Volleyball Season Closes with an Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

High School Girls Reach the Semifinal Match in Busan


Sarah jumps up to celebrate a win after an intense game. Photo by Anna Tzou.

Just like that, the season flew by for the high school girls’ volleyball team. With emotions running high, the finals ended with a meaningful day for all 36 girls. 

DIS sent four teams down to ISB (International School of Busan) for their final tournament on November 17th. The Lady Jets poured their hearts out on the court during their matches. Despite high hopes, both teams 1 and 2 concluded their season in 3rd place in their respective divisions.

Girls 1 slipped up during their semifinal against ISB. Although they took the first set with a strong lead, the Bears stole the momentum at the end of the second game and brought our team down for the final set. Lisa, co-captain of the varsity team, said, “It was a bummer to end our last season like this as a senior. Maybe I didn’t put everything in the tournament because I had more downs than ups.” Passionate players look back on their senior year through a judgemental lens, but Lisa and her squad had a good run. This team has a few young stars to take the realm in future seasons.

Minori, the only 9th grader on squad 1, said, “I’m kind of nervous for next year because our team had a lot of seniors, and they are the best. I don’t know about next year, but maybe two or three years later, we might have a chance of winning.” Minori will inherit a lot of fresh blood next year on the varsity team.

Group 2 also showed tremendous effort to rise to the top, but in the end, the final ball landed on the Jet’s court. The game was over for all A division teams, but it closed with positive vibes as players reflected on their high achievements. 

Through intense B division games, teams 3 and 4 had competitive matches as well. Girls 3 ended the day with several wins and a high note for the season. Yet, Girls 4 was the ‘underdog’ of the day. 

In a weird twist of fate, DIS Girls 3 and 4 went head to head for their final game. While many predicted that Team 3 would outplay Girls 4, players on the court pulled a plot twist. Playing out to a full 3 set game, Team 4 was able to defeat the other group with a close score. Their devotion to winning proved true even when playing against each other. 

Mr. Balint said, “Team 4 was talking a lot, more than normal. I think their attitude was really good going into that game. Team 3’s attitude was good too, but they were a little complacent and thought they would win against Team 4. Both teams improved in receiving though.”

Team captain Sarah said, “It’s ok to lose, but I really hope DIS can bring back some victories in the upcoming years.” The athletes dove for the ball, spiked down hard, and blocked countless shots; their perseverance highlighted positive notes that will carry the Jets forward to next season.