If You Wrote a Book, What Would it be About?

DIS Expresses Their Widespread Interests and Passions


Illustration by Lydia Ryu.

Harry Cho and Justin Park

Every person has their own story. Even within DIS, many students hold varying opinions and interests in different subjects. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Ah, I could write a book about that.” ? Well, we’ve been going around the campus asking people that exact question wondering how diverse the students’ and staff members’ thought processes are.

Betty, 11th Grade

If I wrote a book, it would probably be about a student who is in a new environment, a student in a new school trying to consolidate her new identity in a new situation.





Jayden, 5th Grade

Myself or something fantasy because I read a lot of fantasy books. 







Stella, 2nd Grade

Warrior cats, because it’s one of my favorite series.






Gio, 2nd Grade

If I wrote a book, I would write about Pokemon because I love to watch Pokemon series, and I just like it. 






Hwang Hye Jung, Staff

I want to write about myself. Because there are a lot of obstacles and events in my life, I just want to let other people know what my experiences are.





McKenna, 12th

It would be about myself and people around me and how they’ve changed who I’ve become and supported me.






Logen, 2nd 

It would be about the biography of Martin Luther King. Because these days I’m writing about him. 






Jennie, 2nd Grade

I want to write about ballet because I want to teach people how to do ballet!






Joy, 2nd Grade

If I wrote a book I want to write about ice hockey. Because I play ice hockey now and it is fun. Also, I want to teach people how to play ice hockey.





Flora, 9th Grade

I want to write about my math skill and how to get better in math class. Because I want to get a good grade in math class.