What’s the Weirdest Dream You’ve Had?


Illustration by Lydia Ryu.

Harry Cho, Mikey Pierog, and Lydia Ryu

There are many opposing theories about why we dream. Some say that dreams resolve conflicts in our lives, while others say that these nighttime visions let you see what you truly want in life without any conscious filters. The reason why we dream is still up for debate, but there’s no doubt that they can get weird. Here are some of the craziest dreams that students and teachers at DIS told us about.


Joshua, Grade 11: When I was in grade 3, I dreamt that I went to an airport and I flew from South Korea to America. While I was going there, the jets were fighting each other. For some reason, I won the game, and then the US air force destroyed my jet and I woke up.





Dylan, Grade 10: It was like a month ago. I had a bad dream, my teeth were all wriggly and they all fell out at the same time. It was so painful…






Christina, Grade 4: I had a nightmare, it happened in the basement. There was nobody near me and someone was holding a weird thing. I couldn’t see clearly so I ran away, but he followed me. I went home, but there was no door to go inside my house. A person who followed me was standing right behind me. After that, I woke up.





Nayoung, Grade 9: My weirdest dream was that my friend and I visited the moon. We met a rabbit and made a rice cake together.





Molly, Grade 3: My whole family went to an island (for vacation) and my sister met someone she really liked. After that, I saw my sister and that guy married. It was really the weirdest dream I’ve ever had. 





Grace, Grade 3: I was out at a cafe with Olivia and Molly, and I went to the bathroom. I saw a man was taking care of business in there. It was a really weird dream. 





Dana, Grade 3: My best friend was bad to me, and everybody was suddenly mean to me. Then, I prayed to the moon, and I got a strange magic power. After that, I fought with friends who bullied me and beat them. I became a queen.





Ellie, Grade 3: My strangest dream was that everybody in DIS turned into trees and they were trying to eat me. For some reason, the basketball court changed into a pool. I got in the pool and I hit them.






Olivia, Grade 3: My weirdest dream was when I came to school and nobody was there but a gate was open. There was nobody even in the library so I walked all the way to my house. 






Kyla, Grade 3: My weirdest dream was when I was playing with my baby sister, suddenly the door went crazy and a book was open. Somebody came into our house and we were so scared.






Mrs. Jolly, Counselor: I got kidnapped by Prince Charles, and he put me in the back of his comfortable car. I had this dream when I was young.








All of these wacky and wild tales will spur your own fantasies tonight when you hit the sack. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, dreamers.