[Photos] To the Class of 2023: Farewell. Love, DIS.

Dylan Wang and Catherine Park

The graduating class of 2023 and their friends, families, alumni, and teachers came together on June 10th for a last goodbye. Mr. Jolly started off the ceremony with an opening speech, followed by other send-offs from a DIS board member and Mr. Coleman. 

Dylan and Juan, juniors and close friends with departing students, surprised the crowd with a self-produced song that commemorated their memories together. Three of the seniors prepared their own addresses as well, which brought tears to the eyes of fellow classmates. 

Students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. The night culminated with photos — first each graduate alone, then with administration, and lastly with their families and loved ones. Wish the class of 2023 good luck as they toss their graduation caps and move on to their next journey.