Middle and High School Students Cap Off the Year with the Spring Fine Arts Festival

A Final Fashion Show, Concert, Art Exhibition, and Rock Band Performance Entertain DIS Families

DIS hosted the Middle/High School Spring Fine Arts Festival to commemorate the end of the year. For this event, students in art and music classes prepared performances and displayed the projects that they perfected during second semester. Mr. Hutchings and Mr. Gum organized the event together, each in charge of the music and art departments respectively.

Students showed improvement since their winter showcase. Mr. Hutchings stated, “I think the special part about this performance is the separation of the high school band into two separate bands: 9th and 10th, and 11th and 12th. This allowed us to specifically focus on each class on different elements and not come together at the end.”

At the end of the concert, the senior rock band performed the song “Night Changes” by One Direction to leave their final mark at DIS. The heartwarming scene brought tears to the eyes of some seniors and their parents as they reflected on their final concert together.

Art students surprised the crowd right out of the gates – with the premier of “The Bloom”. Mr. Gum commented on the brand new fashion show, “We have the fashion component. It was well received. The designers created various outfits and collaborated with the models. Some designers wore the outfits that they designed, and others only did the designs and the models wore them. We hope to do these things again in the future where in this year, we establish this component and we improve it and try it again in a different year.”  

Through the leadership of Mr. Gum and Mr. Hutchings, the year ended well for middle and high school students. Artists and musicians stepped up their game for their pinnacle show in front of parents and teachers, and the graduating class of 2023 shared the emotional culmination of their years dedicated to DIS fine arts.