Middle School Boys Take the Trophy and Girls Finish Second

SKAC Futsal Season Comes to a Close in Pohang


Maddox gazes at Justin as he hoists the SKAC trophy in the air. Photo by Juan Cortez.

Juan Cortez and Catherine Park

The DIS middle school futsal teams brought another trophy home from the final tournament held in Pohang on November 19th. The boys’ A team went undefeated, winning the championship, and the girls earned second place. Teams 2 and 3 also played well, proving the Jets can soar on the futsal field. 

The players worked well together as a whole unit. Their hard earned skills and chemistry created unbeatable teams, but there was one player who stole the spotlight for the boys. 

Mr. Archer said, “7th grader Jayden, man, in the final match he scored 4 goals in the first 10 minutes. I looked over at Mrs. Jolly and she mouthed something to me. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, I assumed it was, ‘Hey we need to take him out, so he doesn’t run the score up so high.’ After the game, we were talking and she said, ‘Why did you take him out? I was saying don’t take him out because he was doing so good.’ And we laughed about it. He was phenomenal and he did such a great job in that last game. They all did, but Jayden just really stood out.” 

Jayden said, “I think I scored a lot in the finals. I played well and tried my best in the finals.” The Jets squad looks forward to next year. Jayden returns as an 8th grader with his high athleticism and humble attitude. 

The girls showcased remarkable play as the trophy lingered at their fingertips. They poured their hearts out and obtained the second spot on the podium. 

Mr. Jolly said, “The middle school girls played exceptionally well. Everyone improved dramatically throughout the season and although the final game result was disappointing, the girls should be extremely proud of their efforts, sportsmanship, teamwork, and improvement.”

A week before the finals the girls played in the KISAC conference in Busan. Mr. Jolly said, “The KISAC tournament helped tremendously, as it provided extra games, but also boosted the confidence, skill level, and positioning on the field.”

The coaches were proud of every member of the team, and in turn, the players learned a great deal from their mentors the entire season. Ellen in grade 8 said, “Mr. Jolly was very supportive, he would tell us smart methods and skills during the game. He was really helpful.” 

 The teams all performed outstandingly, and their glory is not yet over. Through these finals, they developed further as athletes and learned important lessons to bring on for next year. Long story short: great season. It’ll be tough to top first and second place next fall.