Elementary Futsal Squads Bring the Heat to Pohang

Emotions Ride High on the HIS Soccer Fields

Ricky Jang and Grace Chae

The elementary futsal teams headed to the Divisional Tournament at HIS (Handong International School) in Pohang on September 23rd. The first SKAC tournament of the 22-23 school year showcased thrilling skills and emotional ups and downs.

The elementary futsal teams gathered to get pumped up for a victorious day. Photo by Christie Park.

The boys and girls brought two teams each that played with heart throughout the long day. The four squads competed with ambition in their respective pools against HIS, AIS (Atherton International School), ISB (International School of Busan), BFS (Busan Foreign School), and GIFS (Gyeongnam International Foreign School).

Daniel races toward the goalie in a matchup against BFS. Photo by Christie Park.

High schoolers assisted as coaches and traveled with the Jets to help out. Ricky and Robert, helping Mr. Park, led the Boys A team, bringing 2 wins and a single loss. The B team remained undefeated throughout the day. Lisa and Apple backed Mr. Purdy, leading the Girls A team to win 1 game and tie 2. The Girls B team played 4 games and performed their best.

Coaches Lisa and Mr. Purdy plan out the next offensive strategy. Photo by Helen Rho.

The Jets outplayed their competitors, but there was a higher motivation and energy in the air. Coach Purdy said, “The student-athletes are very eager. The elementary girls put a lot of effort into training and practice. They maintained their passion and their eagerness, so much so that even drawing a game can cause them to have a little bit of tears in their eyes because they are so competitive and they are so expecting themselves to win and do better.” 

Ann skillfully imitates Sonny’s iconic move. Photo by Helen Rho.

Athletes repeatedly questioned the student coaches for advice and demonstrated the utmost passion. Olivia said, “We still played equally and won matches, but I wish we could win more [games].”

Jets foot for their teammates with a handmade poster. Photo by Helen Rho.

Tracy envisioned, “From the finals, I think if we practice, we will win.” The Finals are in Busan on Saturday, November 5th.

Gio narrowly escapes GIFS defenders. Photo by Christie Park.

Those from the B teams were inspired to do better as well. Min said, “I had fun playing futsal today, but I want to go to the A team [for the finals].” Such spirit brings players to a whole new level. 

Joseph prays for a miracle goal against AIS. Photo by Christie Park.

Mr. Purdy added, “For the Finals in Busan, I am looking forward to a great day of fun and an opportunity for DIS to showcase how competitive they are but also how respectful they are at demonstrating sportsmanship.” 

Henry, Aiden, Abhiram, and Jay celebrate their victory together. Photo by Christie Park.

The elementary players are preparing for the finals with a little over a month left of practice. They are hungry to bring back the trophy.

Sean fiercely fights for the ball to make a pass. Photo by Christie Park.
Stella smoothly dribbles past BFS defenders. Photo by Helen Rho.
The girls pile on top of Coach Lisa and enjoy a laugh in between matches. Photo by Helen Rho.