[Brief] Boba Sale Comes to an End

NCHS Extends its Bubble Tea Sale Due to Popular Demand


Jane and Anna make refreshing bubble tea to order. Photo by Maisie Hwang.

Justin Park and Jade Lee

Flyer by Jade Lee.

The National Chinese Honor Society saw success in its bubble tea sale last week. Students from all grade levels gathered to fetch delicious milk tea and additional Chinese snacks during secondary recess. In fact, the demand was so high that the club sold out, having to take a day off last Friday to restock its supply. They extended the sale an extra few days due to popularity. All profits will go towards NCHS funds to help promote other activities that spread appreciation of Chinese culture in the future.

With the bubble tea sale ending on Friday (March 25th), DIS continues to feed student boba cravings in front of the cafeteria. Drinks were sold for just ₩3000. Sales of other delicious Chinese snacks, like milk candies and cookies, were also extended; many students grabbed them for just ₩1000 each to complete the sweet Chinese snack combo.