[Brief] Splashing on the Final Touches to the Snack Shack and Jetnasium


Students voted on Snack Shack as the official name of the campus store, then Mr. Bae ordered a custom-designed logo to hang inside. Photo by Sarah Lee.

Sarah Lee, Sports Reporter, Design & Communications

Names for the newly-built campus store and gymnasium were officially chosen by the DIS community: the Snack Shack and the Jetnasium.

The general construction of the Snack Shack wrapped up in mid-March, complete with a sleek design and basic green and white color-way. The shipping-container turned permanent facility features refrigerators, tables, an air conditioner, sink, and the eye-catching Snack Shack logo on the back wall.

The building will be used by student groups in the coming weeks. Lunch Clubs and ASAs selling items and holding fundraisers will operate in this space from now on instead of the area just outside the cafeteria doors.

The gym will undergo a renovation this summer: the exterior gets a fresh coat of green paint and the Jetnasium sign will hang there as well. During the remodeling process, the Art department might be painting the outer side of the Snack Shack. Facilities Operator Mr. Bae managed the Snack Shack construction and logo design. Thank you to Mr. Bae and the DIS student body for joining forces to design and name a long overdue campus store.

The front view of the new Snack Shack building. Students will hold their fundraisers within this new campus store. Photo by Sarah Lee.