Around the Globe With Leanne

Welcoming the Well-Traveled Girl to DIS


Leanne and her cousin bask in the beach sun in front of the Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s most iconic hotel. Courtesy of Leanne’s family.

Harry Cho, Mikey Pierog, and Justin Park 

New year, new people: Leanne joins the 8th grade as the newest Jet on campus. In the age of masked faces, she brings a fresh perspective to the world stemming from her diverse history. To find out more about this brand-new student, I sat down with Leanne and interviewed her on subjects including her past life, why she came here, and more.


Leanne, ready for kindergarten. Courtesy of Leanne’s family.

Could you tell me about your family? 

I live with my mom, dad, and a cat. We lived in Canada and Dubai [before]. Not only Canada and Dubai, [though,] we moved a lot before I came here. 


Why did you come to DIS? 

As I mentioned before, I was attending an international school in Dubai. After I came to Korea, I decided to attend an international school because the education would be a better fit for me. 


How were you feeling before your first day of school? 

I was fine, because I moved a lot before and this is probably my 7th or 8th time like moving to a new school. So I’m kind of used to this sensation. 


Explain the challenges of being a new student while wearing a mask. 

When I am in class, it’s really hard to project my voice clearly. Also, people can’t see my face well. There are a lot of problems when I introduce myself to classmates with a mask on. 


Leanne showcases the souvenirs she’s collected over the years from her past homes. Courtesy of Leanne’s family.


What is your favorite hobby? 

I really like to read fantasy books, and I also chat with my friends a lot. My favorite book is Becoming by Michelle Obama. I found it really inspirational, and it kind of helped me figure out what I wanted to do after I grew up.


What is your biggest dream or goal in your life? 

I grew up in many foreign countries, and I really enjoyed those experiences. I think it shaped how I am as a person. So I’d like to continue with that life and work internationally. 


What are three awesome things about yourself?

 I grew up in Canada, Dubai, and Korea. I have lived with a cat for 4 years, and people say the cat is really cute. And it’s really exciting to be at DIS.


Leanne gathers with her friends, as they celebrate their elementary/PYP graduation. Courtesy of Leanne’s family.


If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? 

If I don’t smile, then I look almost scary or mad. I’d like to practice how to smile well even though I wear a mask.


What is your MBTI? Do you agree with it? 

My MBTI is ESTJ, and I agree with its description.


Tell us about the most terrifying experiences you’ve had.

I’ve never had terrifying experiences before, but [what I did] would be terrifying to a lot of people. So one of them is that I went rock climbing when I went to Oman. I climbed an actual mountain and it was really exciting to me. The mountain was not that tall, but it was a good experience for me.


What is your ideal summer vacation place? 

My summer vacation idea is just [going to] a waterpark. Also, I would like to watch movies ,study, and have fun with my friends. 


What is your favorite season? Why? 

I guess my favorite season is summer. [Since] I lived in Dubai, I am really used to hot weather and there’s a lot of cold foods that are delicious. I hate spring because I have an allergy to flowers and pollen. 


What is your first reaction when you see snow?

I just say “Oh, it’s good!” because in Daegu, it doesn’t really snow a lot, and it never snows in Dubai as well. The last time I saw actual, fluffy snow was in Canada almost 10 years ago.


If you were to write a book, what would it be about? 

I think that in general, my life is pretty wild because I moved a lot, and I met a lot of people. So it would be good to write a fiction and nonfiction book about myself. 


It’s always great to have new faces around campus, brightening up the school. We’re happy to see someone with such a unique background join our community. Hopefully, your love for books and global lifestyle will lead you to having a more determined, intellectual, and successful mindset here. Welcome to DIS, Leanne.