Must-Dos for 2022

Liven Up Your New Year with Raye’s Resolutions


Illustration by Lydia Ryu. Graphics by Alyssa Chang.

Raye Park, Mikey Pierog, and Alyssa Chang

2021 is gone – and good riddance! 2022 is here, and we’re kicking it off with a fresh start. People are beginning their new year’s plans and wishlists, or even pursuing their ambitions with the encouragement of new beginnings. Here are five new year must-dos that I suggest, just in case you’ve got nothing in your mind.


Visit Your Family Members and Friends

Meet some people, spend a lot of time together, and make the best memories. No matter who you’re with – whether it’s your grandparents, pals, or a cousin, leave time to bond with your loved ones. This is a perfect opportunity to ditch your duties and prioritize the most valuable moments with those close to you. Remember, time never comes back; spend it with friends and family when you can to minimize any chance of regrets down the line. Plus, relieve stress and provide yourself with some joy as well.


Reflect on Your Personal History

Before I set new goals in January, I always look back on my previous targets and evaluate based on how much I accomplished since then. Self-improvement doesn’t happen without self-reflection – try to maintain your achievements from the past, and be even more ambitious this year. You might also realize that you’ve improved on something that became second nature to you – it’s always a fantastic feeling to take pride in your accomplishments. Aspire high, and reach great heights.


Purchase a Planner

Mark down important dates and events. Highlight time for leisure and fun. Get out of your head and doodle something. Speak to yourself – what do you prioritize? What matters most to you? Jotting down your thoughts will refresh your motivation; you’ll never worry about having no room for putting ideas together. Besides, the it’ll become a wonderful reference down the line, allowing you to reminisce on your history and become more mature. Trust me, just put a planner on your desk, and you can thank me later. 


Try Starbucks’ New Years Menu

All the novelty drinks and desserts from Starbucks get launched during the following times: New Year’s, cherry blossom season, and Christmas. New merchandise and coasters brighten up the new year’s atmosphere; why not try them before they get sold out? They have an “exclusive bonus stars” promotion as well, so if you’re a dedicated customer, check it out before it’s too late.


Stock up on New Years Coupon Packs

Markets, grocery stores, and even theaters scatter discount coupons to us at a discounted price during this season. I already bought a variety coupon from Megabox, since I love watching movies so much. You might think of coupons as a scammy gimmick, but if you’re a regular at a certain place, they really will save you money on future expenditures. Since the chance happens just once a year, try changing your consumption habits to spice up your new year’s plans.


If you’re short on time or just want to fulfill one big goal for 2022, definitely go with number two. We barely have opportunities to self-reflect, and this is the one that’ll help improve your introspection skills. All in all, try spending some time on yourself this year. Everything on this list will help you be a “new you” for the new year that you’ve dreamed about.