Paint-by-Numbers ASA Inspires Young Artists

Ms. Son Brings Elementary Schoolers a Creative Outlet 


Fifth grader Luisa dabs blue paint on top of her canvas. Photo by Kevin Lim.

Kevin Lim, Justin Park , and Alyssa Chang

Splash! Before, everybody was just splattering watercolor on their canvases. The artistic process is much more methodic now, and it’s all thanks to Ms. Son, who is guiding the artwork of the school’s very own painters. This Paint-by-Numbers club is an all-new organization created this year by 5th grade teacher Ms. Son. She explains: “[This] club is an open area to relax and have fun splattering paint on a canvas… it’s for all fifth graders, novice or proficient.”

“I used to not be able to handle all my stress until a very good friend of mine introduced to me a paint-by-numbers kit,” Ms. Son reminisced. Wishing to offer her fifth graders the same kind of entertainment, she came up with the ASA. 

The ASA begins with the selection and purchase of a DIY paint-by-numbers kit, which comes with a canvas that is pre-drawn and numbered. Then, using colors that match with the given numbers, students paint within the lines to create beautiful, vibrant pieces, such as Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Yul in 5th grade added, “Sometimes my hands hurt, but time flies by so fast, I don’t even notice.” For those who enjoy art as much as Yul does, Ms. Son encourages trying out the paint-by-numbers activity by themselves, even outside of the ASA.

“I love this club because not only is it relaxing, [but] it’s also rewarding to see the final outcome!” Jenny in fifth grade exclaimed

— Jenny in fifth grade exclaimed

“You should join this club because it is very simple to paint with different colors and is new. It is a way to de-stress and relax, and it is one thing that students should do,” she noted. All the encouraging feedback about her club delighted Ms. Son. 

Paint-by-Numbers club not only teaches students to get into art, but also presents unique character-building opportunities to students. Qualities such as self-confidence, focus, an opportunity to de-stress, and most importantly, having fun can be found in the club. The unforgettable pictures that they created has set high expectations for continued success in the years to come.