Elementary Leaders Set a High Bar

NEHS Boosts Morale, One Month at a Time


Students from NEHS Explaining Anti-bulliying Month. (Photo by Ms. Ringrose)

Lydia Ryu, Raye Park, Justin Park, and Alyssa Chang

Though there’s an array of action-packed events the middle and high school organizations have been bringing to the older population on-campus, a group of students works to promote school spirit to the younger members of our community, too: and that is no other than the National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS). 

Just last month, you might’ve spotted one of the most important events held by the NEHS: the Anti-Bullying Campaign.

The members handed out anti-bullying pledges to sign during recess, and the respondents were able to receive badges or pledge cards for filling them out. “We were working in correspondence with national anti-bullying month, which is in October. October is over now, but as you could see, our badge and pledge campaign turned out to be successful,” said 5th grader Philip, a current member of the NEHS.

The association also spread awareness outside the elementary school community. Philip explained that the NEHS didn’t limit itself to one promotional activity: “We also hung up anti-bullying posters all around the school, reminding the students about anti-bullying in a short but memorable sentence.”

While reflecting on the event, students mentioned that the campaign helped them to learn more about the problem bullying posed. Tracey from 3rd grade also held a positive view on the matter: “Yeah. I think the [different activities] had a greater impact on students because we all have varying personalities.” 

The Elementary Honor Society’s ambitions are a guiding light around the school – their event is helping us prevent and confront issues of social-emotional learning. The organization is also aiming to enhance the supportive atmosphere around the school going forward, by expressing gratitude.

The NEHS has declared November’s core motto as appreciation, and they have already created a list of people from our community they would like to give thanks to. The members initiated a cookie sale to gather the funds for small thank you gifts, (meant to be awarded to said community members). NEHS is leading by example in favor of this month’s motto.

Be on the lookout for NEHS in December – the organization is brainstorming other exciting activities to bring to campus. The depth of the positive footprints they leave on DIS is unprecedented for students so young; we can safely look forward to amazing leadership in the future of our school.