Tracking Trends: Fashion in Spring/Summer 2022

A Season Draped Around Shortened Skirts, 80s Silhouettes, and Bold Statements

Helen Rho, Jade Lee, and Alyssa Chang

2022 Spring/Summer Runway. (Photo credit to Vogue. Graphic design by Jiyun Chung).

The month of fashion has reached its finale – the runway has been dismantled, the lights are off, and the models have gone home. Fashion Week 2022’s spring/summer trends reflected the collective zeal of the world – buzzing with post-pandemic energy. The minimalism that long dominated the trend cycle disappeared, making way for texture, movement, and bold exposure. 

It’s almost as if the Spring/Summer 2022 collections are begging us to dance again. The sweeping, textured fringes that can be seen in Dries van Noten and the long iteration (a cyclic process of refining a product or process) of Kenneth Ize are both perfect for celebrating the allure of movement. In a nod to the ‘90s and early ’00s, cutouts and low-rise pants continued their dominance on the runway.

It’s worth noting the return of another popular trend – try some miniskirts, because short hemlines are here to stay. Miu Miu’s take on S/S 2022 may have been the most reminiscent of the resurgence of Y2K (fashion from the year 2000) era ensembles. Miuccia Prada’s first Miu Miu collection back on the catwalk was all about office wear with a preppy charm, presenting perhaps the tiniest mini-skirts we have ever seen! 

Interpretations of the season at the Houses of Dior and Chanel may convince you to make miniskirts a workwear staple as well. The sleek, sultry minimalism of the ‘90s has made a return – every fashion powerhouse (from resplendent Chanel to the more refined Hermes) is adding interpretations to the iconic supermodel era. Although Chanel and Hermes are costly brands releasing one-of-a-kind collections, you can try the style out for yourself. It’s surprisingly simple: a fitted tank and relaxed trousers are enough to capture the essence of these labels. 

(Right) 90s Chanel presenting their iconic, sleek and sultry minimalist suits compared to the revamped 90s tweed suits presented at 2022 SpringㅡSummer Fashion Week (Left).

For those who aren’t partial to showing more skin, don’t despair! Designers offered plenty of other ways to make a sartorial statement. The flashy metallics of Loewe, fringes at Chloè, and high-volume dresses at Louis Vuitton and JW Anderson were all a testament to loud dressing as the desire du jour (a popular, fashionable item, or one made for a particular day). Fashion also illuminated the runways for the spring/summer 2022 season as designers dabbled in sequins, both large and small. Sparkle isn’t just for the holiday season; this upcoming spring will be a major component of dressing up. 

While the runway offered lots of the standard silver and gold; Tom Ford put the spotlight on bedazzled tank tops and basketball shorts, furthering the shine with satin blazers and crystal barrettes. Golden breastplates were a standout at Loewe, resting atop Grecian draping and surreal geometric silhouettes ㅡ what better way to enter the party season than with full radiance and magnetic glow? 

Clothes move with the body (quite literally!), but only certain characteristics of movement can be captured, depending on the materials used. To emphasize the movement of the garments, lace, and tassels dominated the floor. Fringes, for example, call for movement as the string-like detail flits about the wearer as he or she walks (or dances) down the street or around the room. The more exaggerated the tendrils, the greater their physical breadth. 

This burgeoning trend essentially reveals a tangible desire to be in motion that seems perfectly fitting for the current moment in fashion. Kim Jones worked with the Fendi family to present striking looks featuring furs and fringes. Gabriela Hearst also inserted twirling tassels and lace on dresses and summer garments for Chloè, which was also seen in the Ann Demeulemeester fashion show. 

Another audacious statement in the recent fashion trends is to take up space as much as possible. The evidence was in the voluminous dresses and hip-accentuating pants that took center stage. Billowing sleeves, pockets, and jackets from the House of Louis Vuitton drew inspiration from the unforgettable 80s silhouettes. The collection was an exquisite reflection of the proper balance between slick forms and extra-loose fits. 

Such a remarkable equilibrium could be noted from JW Anderson’s collection. Voluminous dresses, tops, and coats were presented in the form of carton cut-out dolls, taking the audience back to an era of shoulder-padded jackets, and blazers, with heavily sprayed and fixed hair. Anderson’s garments best reflected stylish juxtapositions: a unique mix of bold colors and neutrals, architectural contours paired with slick lines – a new vision on ready-to-wear fits. If puffy pants feel out of character, pay homage to Anderson and try a jacket with oversized shoulders instead!

Fashion industry creatives found themselves in the grips of an experimental fervor, which manifested itself through not only the clothing itself, but also methods of wearing and display. Once again, the 2022 Spring and Summer collections reflected the multifaceted creativity of fashion designers all over the world. Figures were redefined with each snip of a scissor, the professional stitches of the assiduous Parisian seamstresses, and the ingenious artistry of each designer.

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