• KISAC MS Girls Volleyball @KISJ on February 29th - March 2nd.
  • SKAC HS Basketball Finals @GIFS/Samcheonpo Gym on February 28th.
  • Registration for Season 3 ASA from February 28th - March 4th.
  • GIDAS Dress Down Day on February 27th.
  • SKAC MS Girls Volleyball Tournament @BFS on February 26th.
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  • KISAC MS Girls Volleyball @KISJ on February 29th - March 2nd.
  • SKAC HS Basketball Finals @GIFS/Samcheonpo Gym on February 28th.
  • Registration for Season 3 ASA from February 28th - March 4th.
  • GIDAS Dress Down Day on February 27th.
  • SKAC MS Girls Volleyball Tournament @BFS on February 26th.
  • SKAC MS Boys Volleyball Tournament @DIS on February 26th.
  • Don't forget your spirit shirts on Friday.
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The Student News Site of Daegu International School

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2023: Flyover Staff Picks

2023’s Best Books, Music, Movies, and More
Graphic by Christine Park.

As the world returned to its pre-pandemic rhythm, 2023 confronted us with the paradox of choice, the dilemma we face with a plethora of options. Over the months, diverse media, exotic travel destinations, and niche hobbies filled our time. The Flyover reviewed several in our Arts & Entertainment section. As our staff members wrap up the first half of their school year and reflect on a busy 2023, we bring you another list of Staff Picks. With an updated inventory, we introduce to you the top choices to fill your holidays with joy. 

Top 5 Nintendo Switch games Andrew played in 2023

This time of year I look back at Nintendo Switch Games that I played throughout 2023. As Christmas approaches and outside temps fall below zero, I stay home and hit up my Switch more than usual. Nintendo released some of these titles years ago, but I spent the most time with them in 2023. 

Splatoon 3, a third person shooter game released last year, operates similarly to other competitive shooter titles. Players eliminate opponents to compete for the main objective point located on the center of the map. Exclusively, you literally paint the turf with weapons that shoot ink. Then you swim through the ink water that you painted, which offers much more mobility and variability within gameplay. 

Most importantly, Splatoon receives a massive update every 3 months. Which means new weapons, maps, and features add up to the paid DLC (downloadable content) – eventually, the game asks you to buy extras. The name of this extra content, “Side Order”, will be released early next year. The diverse options, quarterly updates, and unique game mechanics make this title a great option to perpetually revisit. Besides Splatoon, you will see my 4 other favorite Switch games I played throughout 2023. Try these out over the holidays with friends and family. 

  1. Splatoon 3 (2022) 
  2. Pokemon Scarlet/Violet (2022)
  3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate (2018)
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (2017)
  5. Suika Game (2021)
The main title photo for Splatoon 3. Courtesy of Nintendo.

Christine’s Top 5 Naver Webtoons to read over winter break

I binge-read more than a hundred Naver webtoon series this year, and I confidently say that ‘Garbage Time’, a story about Korean high school basketball players, takes the top spot as my favorite. At first, I held no specific preferences for sports-themed webtoons. But the portrayal of characters truly captivated me. I couldn’t close the app. The episodes that hooked me the most involved students’ daily struggles, like when they navigate college applications, grapple with injuries, and confront personal insecurities. The series appealed to me and seemed more relatable because of the realistic issues portrayed in the series. 

With Garbage Time as number one, I introduce the top five Naver Webtoons guaranteed to keep you enthralled through winter break. 

  1. Garbage Time
  2. Return of the Blossoming Blade
  3. Surviving RomanX
  4. 물위의 우리 (Us on the Water, no official English translation)
  5. Maru is a Puppy
Photo courtesy of Naver Webtoon.

Cath’s Top 10 slice of life Anime of all time

Although I often preach about Attack on Titan, sometimes I just need a simple slice of life anime to laugh and let my brain decompress. As a senior, I’m pulled in a thousand different directions by projects, applications, and club work. But with this watchlist, I shut down my inner workaholic and enjoy the positive energy of hilarious day to day lives of relatable characters. My favorite shows on my top 10 share ordinary yet precious moments of love, companionship, and passion, and I guarantee that these recommendations assist you through the ups and downs of life’s routines.

1. Natsume’s Book of Friendly Beasts 

“Natsume’s Book of Friendly Beasts” revolves around the slow, ordinary country-side life of a not-so-ordinary boy, Takashi Natsume. An orphan who lives with his distant paternal relatives, Takashi possesses an ability to see supernatural entities – or Yōkai – just like his grandmother who passed away during his childhood. Due to this, classmates bullied Takashi, but upon his entrance to high school he met a mysterious Yōkai in the form of a Manekineko (Japanese cat doll). He starts to build close bonds with those around him, as well as the strange Yōkai who becomes his protector. Takashi then discovers his grandmother’s old notebook, the names of beasts she negotiated deals with written inside, and embarks on a journey to return their names.  

The main poster for Natsume’s Book of Friendly Beasts. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

2. The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo 

I laughed my head off when I binged this show. The author’s unique, matter-of-fact sense of humor builds this up as the ultimate comedy anime. The plot focuses on the main character, Saiki Kusuo, who holds supernatural powers. However, contrary to popular belief that teleportation and superstrength benefit your day to day life, Saiki struggles with their detriments, and his chaotic friends don’t make it any easier on him. 

The main poster for The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

3. Teasing Master Takagi-san

This cute romantic comedy features two middle schoolers, Takagi and Nishikata, who live on a small countryside island in Japan. Their daily lives consist of Takagi, who pokes fun at Nishikata in every possible way, and Nishikata’s failures at revenge. Although the two compete against each other in childish bets, their passion for each other touches your heart as you invest more in their relationship. 

The main poster for Teasing Master Takagi-san. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

4. Barakamon

As an artist myself, Barakamon, a story about a calligrapher in an artistic slump, hits differently. Seishū Handa, the protagonist and a renowned calligrapher, is forced to move to the countryside to focus on his work after his assault on a respected art critic. Too proud for his own good, Handa slowly learns what it means to truly live and love after his encounter with Naru, a cheerful country girl, who reminds him of what it feels like to be a careless child. 

The main poster for Barakamon. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

5. Spy Family 

Spy Family centers around three main characters: Loid Forger, or Agent Twilight, the best spy in the nation of Westalis; Yor Forger, the deadliest assassin of the killer group Garden; and Anya Forger, a girl with an ability to read others’ minds. These three individuals build a fake household together for a spy mission. But their affection for each other develops until they become a real family, along with a fortune-telling dog named Bond. 

The main poster for Spy Family. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

6. Shirokuma Cafe

This anime reigns supreme as the cutest show I’ve ever watched. In a world where animals boast the same level of intelligence as humans, we meet Panda, a lovely…well…panda, who, even in his 20s, still hasn’t landed a job. His mother pushes him and he finds work at a cafe run by a polar bear where a penguin in search of a girlfriend often visits. The fact that all the voice actors play amazing characters in other series makes this anime even better. But in Shirokuma Cafe, they act as cute little animals.  

The main poster for Shirokuma Cafe. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

7. Penguin Highway

Unlike other shows on this list, Penguin Highway is a full-length film. A fantasy and a comedy, this movie portrays the life of an elementary student named Aoyama, and his crush, a nurse who works at the dentist office. Strange things happen in town when a group of penguins begin to appear in the middle of Kyoto. Through experiments, Aoyama discovers that the nurse possesses the power to turn inanimate objects into penguins. This supernatural phenomenon bonds the two, and they work together to find out what this world really consists of. 

The main poster for Penguin Highway. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

8. Osomatsu-san

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to do absolutely nothing. This anime captures that perfectly. To be frank, nothing serious happens in this show. The story revolves around the sextuplets of the Osomatsu household, all of whom their parents declared ‘useless’. They’re jobless, relationship-less, talentless, and the list goes on. As miserable as that sounds, the show reveals the message that it’s okay to be imperfect. An interesting plot revolves around the everyday lives of ordinary Japanese citizens. 

The main poster for Osomatsu-san. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

9. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun 

Another rom-com, this anime features a girl, Chiyo Sakura, who falls in love with a mysterious boy in her class, Umetaro Nozaki. One day, she builds up the courage to confess her feelings to him. Instead of answering her, Nozaki hands her a sheet of paper with his signature on it. Turns out, Nozaki works as a famous Monthly Girls’ manga writer, but he’s dense when it comes to his own romance. The show plays out their funny and disastrous relationship, with intriguing side characters who enhance the humor. 

The main poster for Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

10. Uramichi Onii-san

This comedy features a bunch of kindergarten teachers who possess a dark side to their personalities. The main character, Uramichi, displays an immaculate smile in front of his students, but now and then, his straight face comes out, and he says things that seem inappropriate for children. The anime highlights the harsh realities of this world in a juxtaposition between the purity of children and adults’ not-so innocent lies.

The main poster for Uramichi Onii-san. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

Dylan’s Top 10 songs of 2023

From schoolwork to college applications, the year 2023 kept me busy as a bee. As a result, my hobbies vanished one by one. I lost time to practice my instruments, play video games, and write music. Listening to tunes remained the only leisure activity left. Old or new, songs kept me balanced through the highs and lows of the hectic year. Each tune triggers cherished memories of 2023. 

“No” by LANY brings me back to when I traveled to Seoul for their world tour this summer. It grabbed my ears as LANY performed the (at the time) unreleased track. The atmosphere of the venue still remains with me when I listen to the song.

All other songs also take me on a tour through the year. Like it or not, here are my top 10 tracks of 2023: 

  1. No – LANY
  2. Peach – Kevin Abstract
  3. you! – LANY
  4. Titi Me Pregunto – Bad Bunny
  5. drunk text – Henry Moodie
  6. I wish – Stevie Wonder
  8. LEMONHEAD – Tyler, the creator
  9. Sunday Best – Surfaces
  10. Letters – Maximilian
Cover of LANY’s newest album “a beautiful blur.” Photo courtesy by LANY 2023.

Elisa’s Top 5 moments of the 2023 Formula One season

The 2023 Formula One season felt like a rollercoaster with several ups and downs. The champion of the year, Max Verstappen, broke several records which included previous feats by one of my favourite drivers, Sebastian Vettel. Even though he led most races— there were still highlights to enjoy for fans of other drivers. I also love Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton because of his talents and win record, so I take pride in what I consider the best moments of this season. F1 fans might disagree, but here it goes:

1. Lewis Hamilton’s pole position at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Although the start of the season stung, Lewis and the Mercedes team pulled themselves together and landed a pole position in the Hungarian qualifying session, which put him up front for the start. Although no podium celebrations take place for qualis, his contagious happiness spread.

2. Mercedes won 2nd place in the Constructor’s Championship.

By the end of the season, the Constructors Championship seemed neck and neck, which meant that Mercedes needed to outscore Ferrari in order to land in 2nd place. With twists and turns in the final race, the top position jumped back and forth between the two teams. However, Mercedes came out on top to claim the victory over Ferrari.

3. Mercedes double podium at the Spanish Grand Prix.

As fans lost hope for a great season, both of the Mercedes drivers managed to outsmart the Ferrari drivers and score an impressive double podium – practically a 2-1, if you take Max’s constant wins into consideration. I watched it late at night and silently screamed, as they passed the finish line and the chequered flag waved.

4. Carlos Sainz’ win at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Though I root for Mercedes, Ferrari still holds a soft spot in my heart. Max Verstappen, slipped up and started outside the front row for the Singapore race, which meant he gave Carlos a means to go for the win. He and both Mercedes drivers expertly fought off the aggressive Red Bull driver.

5. Mick Schumacher drives the w14 car for the first time.

Ever since Mick Schumacher (son of the legendary Michael Schumacher) was kicked off the grid from the HAAS F1 Team, I longed for him to return in the Mercedes W14 (current grid car). When he was announced as a reserve driver for Mercedes, I felt incredibly excited about it— I nearly fainted.

Bonus: Lando Norris’ podium celebration which broke Max Verstappen’s trophy at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

His unique podium celebration cements Lando Norris’ image. He rammed the champagne bottle to the ground, which caused it to bubble ferociously. Fans enjoy his spray-frenzy on the other podium-sitters. In Hungary, he performed his schtick again. Only this time, he accidentally hosed champagne right next to Max’s porcelain trophy, which broke due to the impact. That funny situation resulted in several jokes all across several social media platforms.

Lewis Hamilton and his pole position in Hungary. Photo courtesy of Formula 1.

Top 5 cities Ethan visited in 2023

My 2023 summer vacation changed my perspective of the world as a whole. With exposure to different cultures and cities, I found it fascinating that people lead completely different lives across the globe. I loved to chat with and get to know people that live and express themselves so differently than me. 

I chose Barcelona as my favorite city to top this list. Besides Spanish practice, Barcelona exhibited pure amazement. With the perfect climate, relaxing beaches, and diverse people, it supplied a one-of-a-kind experience. I met people from around the globe, from Venezuela to Russia and Morocco. The best part – we swapped Instagram accounts and follow each other to this day. I felt a warm welcome that I have trouble putting into words. If you ever think to visit, I recommend you travel to the city center Las Ramblas. The vibrant streets full of vendors and shops serve as the perfect rendezvous for tourists and locals alike. Make your way to Barcelona or these other 4 cities in 2024. I dare you.

1. Barcelona

Designed by Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona shows beautiful stained glass artworks. Photo by Ethan Rossmeisl.

2. Rome

Tourists in Rome visit the Vatican City and the Fountain’s of St. Peters Square. There are beautiful statues and historical paintings all across the building. Photo by Ethan Rossmeisl.

3. Amsterdam

The streets of Amsterdam are packed with visitors from all over the world. The smell of french fries and waffles fill the air. The tourists enjoy their meal as they look at the unique Amsterdam architecture. Photo by Ethan Rossmeisl.

4. Brussels

Grand-Place, the town square of Brussel Belgium, is filled with people as it exhibits mesmerizing buildings from the past and shops for hungry people to filled their stomach with delicious Belgium waffles and fries. Photo by Ethan Rossmeisl.

5. Dubai

Eugene’s Top 5 Korean Netflix Series of 2023

Each year, I seek out new shows to binge-watch over the three-week winter break. 2023 saw a rollercoaster of new titles and seasons for Netflix. From heart-pounding action to dreamy romance, my list of the top 5 Korean shows on Netflix in 2023 satisfies the masses.

I personally recommend D.P. Season 2, the second installation of the critically acclaimed show. The sequel follows the story of Private An Jun-ho as he continues his journey to bring back army deserters. The series juxtaposes humor and action with social commentary and pulls no punches. It depicts controversial topics in Korea like mandatory military service, bureaucratic incompetence, government corruption, and LGBT prejudice without fear. If you appreciate entertainment that also carries weighty themes, D.P.2 is right up your alley. 

  1. D.P S2
  2. Doona!
  3. Sweet Home S2
  4. The Killing Vote
  5. Bloodhounds
The D.P.2 cover. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Jessica’s Top 10 moments of the Samsung Lions 2023 season 

From the fateful 3rd of May, 2022, baseball found itself a permanent place within the depths of my heart. A swing, a hit, a strike, and a home run steered my mood the entire day, which hooked me as a Samsung Lions superfan henceforth. 

Fast forward to 2023. To merely select ten moments from this season’s myriad of well-executed game plays deemed a challenge for me. But with careful thinking and thoughtful reflection, I unveil the list of moments that stand out to me. If you love the Lions half as much as me, you’ll get a kick out of my top 10. 

1. May 19th 2023: Kim Hyun Joon’s first debut home run after a left-wrist injury

This scene stands out as my ultimate highlight, obviously because Kim Hyun Joon claims the top spot as my favorite baseball player. In March, Kim’s left wrist injury compelled fans to expect a long-term hiatus as well as a slump, which happens to most baseball players that suffer this same affliction. However, in a mere 5 months, Kim disclosed his readiness for a comeback during an interview. And the next day, the star player returned at bat. With much tension, Kim hit the ball, and it rose over the fence. The instant I saw this momentous play, I erupted with a shout and leaped out of my bed. Sheer exhilaration overwhelmed me, as tears streamed from down my face. This episode secures its place as my all-time favorite moment as a baseball fan. 

Photo Courtesy of Sports Seoul.

2. June 9th 2023: The time Mr. Coleman (Lions fan) and Ms. Wang (Lotte Giants fan) made the live broadcast on TV 

Screenshot from KBSN Sports.

3. May 4th 2023: The team scores most points in season history

4. August 20th 2023: Oh Jae-Il’s long-awaited home run after a 2-month slump 

5. March 2023: DIS Class of 2023 Alumni caught on camera in a pre-season game  

Screenshot from KBSN Sports.

6. June 9th 2023: Won Tae In and Kim Ji Chan get selected to play in the 2023 Asian Games 

7. June 6th 2023: Oh Seung Hwan records a total 500 career saves 

8. April 14th 2023: Lee Jae Hyun hits his first grand slam 

9. June 11th 2023: Kang Min Ho hits his first walk-off homerun 

10. Kim Ji Chan hits his first homerun of the 2023 season

The top 5 cute things Luna’s dog did this year

As winter wraps its icy fingers around the year’s end, I find delight in the mischievous antics of my companion. Many unexpected ups and downs filled my year, but I could always count on my dog, Eunbi, to trample all over my heart. Here are five of my favorite moments with Eunbi that showcase the sheer joy and warmth she brings into my life.

1. She rolled around in a pile of leaves, and a purple one got stuck on her nose. 

2. She hogged the pillows every night to snuggle in the extra warmth. 

3. To double check that I was alive, she stared at me, five meters away from the open door of my room, for three minutes straight. 

I consider this to be especially adorable as she normally spends most time either with my mom or my dad. She doesn’t seem to care about my brother or me. Well, this fall, she started to check in on me once every few hours. She stares at me when the door is open, but she absolutely refuses to come into the room. 

4. In summer, she laid down on the ground and didn’t get up for two hours in order to take a solid nap.

Normally, Eunbi scouts for the comfiest places. She scours for cushions, pillows, and the fluffiest blankets. She completely splays out on the heat mat most of the time, but in summer, she actually lies on the bare ground. Not only do I find that part of her personality simply adorable, but also, Eunbi kind of resembles a brick when she gets cozy. She looks like a gray puddle when she sinks into pillows. On solid ground, she takes more definite shape. 

5. She simultaneously licked her nose and did a double-eye wink after a tiny sneeze.

A leaf delicately perched on Eunbi’s nose adds a touch of charm to a crisp fall day. Photo by Luna Kang.

Top 10 Online Music Performances Nadia Discovered in 2023

Live performances and alternate versions of songs fill my time as my favorite ways to browse YouTube. This year, I discovered a plethora of videos and fell in love. I present my top ten. At the forefront stands “Fender Sessions with Dominic Fike”, released earlier this year. Dominic filmed a short feature documentary about his Fender guitar and musical process. He also played an alternate version of two songs from his newest album Sunburn, “What Kinda Woman” and “Pasture Child”. The heartfelt tone of his guitar in the raw version of “What Kinda Woman” resonated with me and unquestionably wins against the studio version in my opinion. But don’t worry, each unique video on this list is worth your time. 

  1. Dominic Fike (Fender Sessions) – “What Kinda Woman”
  2. The 1975 (Live from Madison Square) – “Roadkill” (Live from Madison Square)
  3. Meaningful Stone 김뜻돌 (Onstage 2.0) – “꿈에서 걸려온 전화 A Call From My Dream”
  4. Yesung ft. Winter of Aespa – Floral Sense (Official Music Video)
  5. Yewon – Kickback Guitar Cover
  6. Mayonnaise – Counting Blue Cars (Dishwalla Band Cover)
  7. Reina Del Cid – Second Hand News (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  8. SOAP – Wintering (The 1975 Cover)
  9. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl OST Medley
  10. Mick Beaulieu – The KKK Took My Baby Away (The Ramones Surf Rock Cover)
Gutarist Yewon jams out on his pink telecaster.

Selina’s Top 5 Jazz Albums of 2023

To confine the magnificence of the albums I list below by genre, to glance over the list because you “don’t listen to jazz,” can only be described as sin. Whether I sit back and relax to the slow murmurs of a trumpet or finish an assessment to manic saxophone runs, jazz always accompanies me. Along with other enthusiasts, I spent 2023 attuned to contemporary jazz and its top releases. As my 3rd choice says, jazz is for ordinary people. Perhaps you can take a leap at the glorious world of jazz through my top five. 

Released at the end of summer, the Fly Or Die quartet released the posthumous album originally written and produced by Jamie Branch — an American jazz trumpeter who passed right around the release date of the album. Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) opens with slick notes of an electric organ and trickle down to the timpani — which signal the ominous arrival of songs that show nothing less than omnipotence. You can feel your soul slowly ascend as each deliberate note finds its place in your temporal lobe. All nine songs wear a unique face — from the cry of strings to the quartet’s energetic bounce. This only proves more of Branch’s skill in molding sounds into the epitome of contemporary jazz. Throughout the 46 minutes and 51 seconds, instruments from all corners seem to find their place as they follow Branch’s trumpet, the sound that breaks above all and conducts the entire orchestra. Like many short-lived artists, the music world deeply mourns the loss of Branch and her obvious potential. Albeit late, I’m glad I found her and the quartet. And do not miss out on the other four albums on my list and download them onto your favorite music app.

  1. Jaimie Branch: Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war))
  2. McKinley Dixon: Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?
  3. Berlioz: jazz is for ordinary people
  4. Sven Wunder: Late Again
  5. Lucas de Mulder: Feel The Spirit
Album cover of Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)). Photo courtesy of Pitchfork.

Serena’s Top Ten Winter Songs

As winter’s chill sets in, my favorite songs accompany me as a soundtrack to the season. Although I usually only listen to bright songs like Keeper by TBZ or Oh Little Girl by Sleight, I seek out more chill and cozy songs such as Child by Mark and Christmas Day by EXO as the weather gets colder. These tunes warm me up as the melodies turn the icy wind into a festive embrace. So, here I share some of my favorite winter songs that lift my mood. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, filled with the simple joys and sweet tunes that make winter special. I encourage you to escape the shiver and loneliness that the weather brings through the charm of these 10 melodies.  

I love “The First Snow” because, of course, the song itself soothes the soul, but it also brings me back to my childhood. The nostalgia instantly sets in and I return to my nine-year-old self. You probably hold some of these tunes near and dear, too. Check this list below to find what we have in common. 

  1. The first snow- Exo
  2. Love You On Christmas – Yerin Paeke
  3. Snow- ZionT
  4. Frosty the Snowman- Michael Buble
  5. Some Things Never Change- Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Cast of Frozen 2
  6. Broken Melodies- NCT dream
  7. Marry Christmas Ahead- IU
  8. Thank you- Treasure
  9. Raining- Winner
  10. I hate you- Woodz

And these 3 bonus tracks round out my list. Ho ho ho!

  1. ヨルシカ – 左右盲
  2. Ugly- 2ne1
  3. Waste My Time- Grace VanderWaal
Photo courtesy of Youtube.
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    I think the opinions are very cool.

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    GGDec 14, 2023 at 6:23 pm

    Oh nice i will look at them later!