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  • (No School) National Foundation Day on October 3rd.
  • (No School) Chuseok Holiday from September 27th until October 2nd.
  • [ES] SKAC Futsal Divisional at ISB on Saturday, September 23rd.
  • NWEA MAP Testing on September 11th – 22nd, 2023.
  • Don't forget your spirit shirts on Friday.
The Student News Site of Daegu International School

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The Student News Site of Daegu International School

Jets Flyover

LANY bares their soul in Seoul

The duo teases their new album and plays the classics in the capital city
Violet fills the hall as the stage lights up. Photo by Nadia Woo.

“We’re coming back every year forever,” wrote Paul Klein, the lead singer of LANY on his Instagram story, with the city of Seoul tagged. South Korea left Paul Klein and Jake Goss, members of LANY, an everlasting impression on the night of Aug. 22. The name emphasizes the artists’ passion for spreading their music all across Los Angeles (LA) to New York (NY), but this summer, their tunes disseminated all across the globe. We ventured up to catch this show last month, and here’s our take. 

LANY hit Korea on the sixth night of their 2023 Asia tour. Fans in the city, unswayed by the sheet of rain, gathered from across the peninsula to celebrate their return. From the personalized acoustic stripped live show for VIPs to the resonant encore at the end of the night, LANY elevated our day with their tunes.

 The itinerary started at 5 p.m. with the VIP performance (The VIP tickets, sold to less than 100 fans, included a package consisting of a Q&A session, a private show, meet and greet, and signed posters). The fatigue we felt from lining up disappeared as the mesmerizing set design immediately caught our eyes. The beams surrounded the instruments in unison and reflected their vibrant colors onto the audience. In the middle of the backdrop, a radiant star highlighted the centerpiece. 

The set shone in the center of the concert hall. Photo by Dylan Wang.

All three of the singles released this year, “Love at First Fight”, “Alonica”, and “XXL”, involved a distinctly repeated astronomical motif, and we believe the official release of the full album will continue on with this theme. 

In an intimate VIP session, the group emanated their sentiment and affection for each and every one of their fans. After they played three mellow songs arranged acoustically, the touring musicians trailed offstage while the main duo, Jake the drummer, and Paul the lead singer, reemerged for a quick Q&A session along with a translator. 

After the segment, the aficionados lined up for a meet and greet, separated into multiple groups of about five to six people. Unfortunately, most people – including us – only got a high five and a swift group photo before a signed poster got shoved in their hands and staff rushed them out. 

Dylan and Nadia met up with Paul and Jake after the VIP session. Photo courtesy of Live Nation Korea.

We waited for another hour before the main event. While some immediately lined up in a queue, we took photos, shopped for merchandise, and slipped out for a quick meal. At 7 p.m. sharp, gates opened up and showgoers entered the stadium as they budged in for a spot closer to the stage. The concert hall glowed with excited eyes as we awaited LANY’s appearance.

Finally, a few minutes past 8 p.m., the venue darkened, and the backing band got up on stage one by one. With a sudden flash of light, Paul and Jake presented their newest release, “XXL,” which more than met our expectations. The overwhelming chants and singalongs filled the scene and amped up the audience. 

Because LANY gained fame due to their alternative rock and synth-pop style that creates a dream-like vibe, the live band performance broke new ground for those who saw them for the first time. Jake’s analog drum beats replaced the electronic production of the studio version. The authentic rendition gave us a hair-raising experience. An obvious reference to their upcoming album, a beautiful blur, a hidden spotlight within the star adornment illuminated the singer towards the end of the main event.

The spotlight shines on the star as he gives a sentimental piano performance. Photo by Dylan Wang

A fan event prepared beforehand brought the concert experience up to a whole new level. Patrons who managed the affair handed out signs and an informative document link to every single person in line as we waited for the gig to begin. The signs spelled out the words, “LANY is our Alonica” which points to one of LANY’s singles released a few months ago. Alonica, a fictitious place the duo invented for the song, represents a haven for comfort whenever one feels alone. 

As fans wait in line full of anticipation, the event coordinators distributed signs to hold up later in the concert. Photo by Dylan Wang.

When “Alonica” started, the crowd held the signs up, and Paul, clearly touched, said, “I love you guys so much” as he pulled out his phone to take a picture. Not only that, the fan event document included chants, lyrics for all the songs, and instructions for an encore. 

Touched by the love and support of K-LANY-fans, Paul held up a heart with his hand and showed his affection toward South Korea. Photo by Dylan Wang.

We reached out to the head coordinator of the event, Sihyun Kim, and conducted an interview. Here’s what she said.

Q: I understand that you were in charge of planning the fan event. What exactly were your responsibilities? 

A: In order to ensure the success of the fan event, I worked on coordinating with Live Nation Korea, the organizers of the concert, to request their cooperation and manage the progress. I was involved in planning and designing the overall event content, fundraising, and promotion.

Q: How did you feel during the concert? 

A: When LANY reacted to what we prepared, the feeling I got at that moment was exhilarating beyond words. If fans can enjoy the production even more through events like this, I want to continue organizing them in the future. The truth is that the preparation process is full of challenges. Fundraising might not go well, and although it’s a very small number, some people might not follow the rules or express dissatisfaction. Particularly, promoting fundraisers was the most difficult part. Despite this, seeing an artist satisfied after the event makes all the challenging aspects of the process fade away.

Q: Have you organized events like this before? Do you plan to do more in the future? 

A: I really enjoy concerts and small events, so I’d like to organize various fan events in the future if I get the chance. I’ve also been in charge of the fan event for the artist VALLEY during their concert in South Korea. Many fans enjoyed it and the artist mentioned it several times, which allowed us to conclude on a positive note.

Every moment of the night brought new highs, but best of all, LANY leaked their unreleased song “No” to everyone’s surprise. An ethereal ambiance, the song painted a vivid, emphatic yet calm scenario for the audience. While Dylan personally found this song his favorite, I(Nadia) felt “pink skies” hit me the hardest. It catered to my personal musical preferences and touched my heart. 

Klein, the lead singer of LANY, signed off on the night with a grand finale. Photo by Nadia Woo.

After the setlist run-through, we joined in on the chants for an encore, eager for more. The loud echoes flooded the stadium. To the crowd’s surprise, LANY returned with “you!” and wrapped up the night with “ILYSB.” We left that night with an unforgettable memory. 

From the electricity of the opening chords to the final curtain call, the artists transported the audience to a place where time seemed to stand still, and their music spoke the universal language of the soul. As the echoes of the final encore faded into the night, a renewed appreciation for the transformative power of live music left a mark in our hearts. The night reminded fans why they were drawn to the enchanting world of music in the first place. South Korea eagerly awaits LANY’s next visit.

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