[Photos] Prom Levels Up and the ‘Night Changes’

To commemorate the end of the year and the class of 2023, the Prom Committee hosted a formal party for 10th – 12th graders on the 3rd of June. This year’s prom took place in a private reception rental space located in Esiapolis called Adela. Committee members prepared a photo booth in the lobby, a catered dinner, a dance floor, and a photo zone on the rooftop.

As students entered the hall, they voted for a king, queen, prince, and princess of the prom court. Later in the evening, Mrs. Gum, the organizer, announced the winners: Leo, Masa, Bolt, and Christine. They each received a banner and took a group photo, and Leo and Masa started a slow dance which other guests eventually joined. The night ended with a heartwarming photo slideshow of the seniors and their time spent together. 

Mrs. Gum said, “In our school, we host prom as an opportunity for the sophomores and juniors to send off the seniors. Seniors at one point formed senior circles, and they basically got in together and danced. They requested the song ‘Night Changes’ as their last song together. The night is basically the one last time that everyone can get together and enjoy.”

This year marked a new beginning for the Prom Committee as they hosted the party off campus for the first time in years. With this success, the future seems promising.