Dear Jimin: Sincerely, Glum Gardener

Jets Flyover Advice Column


Design by Jimin Shin.

Dear Jimin, 

How can I keep my plants alive? I always kill them, but they make me happy.       

Sincerely, Ms. Loutsch


Dear Ms. Loutsch, 

Great to hear from you. I also fawn over flora, and I feel you (I usually kill them too). I also lack a green thumb. But I conducted a bit of research for the both of us, and I hope my advice appeases both you and your plants. 

Before all else, pick a healthy seedling – no droopy leaves or exposed roots. Make sure you start off on the right foot, or your efforts may waste away in vain. 

Then, place the greenery in a proper-sized pot. Although it seems like a minor detail, this small change might do wonders for your plant. In particular, seek a pot with drainage. Otherwise, water pools at the bottom, and harmful bacteria might form.

And then, the basics – give your shrub the proper amount of sunlight and water. Research on your sprout for guidance from pro-gardeners, who supply plant-growers with thousands of tutorials on how to grow different types of fauna. One of the aged tricks from gardening-veterans is to poke your finger in the pot’s ground to gauge the quantity of water it needs. If still arid, splash some more water over the soil, not the petals. Just remember that the soil craves water, not the leaf. 

Besides the main necessities, I recommend fertilizers. Composts seem vital, but bear in mind that overdose kills your plants, too. Ensure you know what your verdure needs, like consuming additional nutrients besides food and water for humans. 

Additionally, when you see desiccated leaves, remove them immediately. Not only those, but also look out for pests. Spray bits of water or use professional pest sprays in case this issue arises.

Although easier said than done, these steps will make your flora flourish. Pick your pots, rest them in the sun, and water them till they bloom. I also learned a lot while I nibbled on some gardening tips as well. Maybe I should apply my own advice to grow my plants, too. I wish you the best of luck for both you and your seedlings.

Sincerely, Jimin 

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