Middle School Boys Add Two to the Trophy Case

SKAC Volleyball Season Ends in Busan

“We are the Champions” blasted through the speakers as the middle school boys’ volleyball team hopped off the bus in Daegu. They returned home with a double championship at ISB (International School of Busan) on February 24th. With roster changes due to injuries and health conditions, they brought three teams in total: one varsity and two JV squads. After a long day, both teams A and B won trophies.  

Ever since DIS claimed victory at the tournament back in 2019, volleyball took a 3 year hiatus due to COVID. That technically makes this win a back-to-back championship for DIS. The first official tournament held with other schools served as a fresh experience for even the 8th graders, soon to graduate from middle school.

Varsity setter Bryan said, “SKAC Finals were fun. Overall, it wasn’t as intense as we thought it would be, but it was very successful. We lost to BFS in KISAC, so we won the first game against BFS in the SKAC finals – we were focused on getting our revenge.”

Our team, overconfident and sights set on an undefeated season, faced a challenge at KISAC and tasted the foul bitterness of loss against BFS. Payback for the KISAC defeat was a key motive at SKAC, which drove the boys a step closer to the trophies.

Manuel said, “The happiness I had was from going against BFS. After going to KISAC, I didn’t care about SKAC. I just wanted revenge on BFS, and everyone on our team thought that – not the SKAC finals, but as a revenge match against BFS.”

After the win, Justin exclaimed, “It was one of the easiest wins I’d ever gotten in SKAC. I think I am very happy that I got a trophy. Since we won futsal and volleyball, we can win basketball, aiming for the triple crown.”

The players also expressed gratitude towards their new coach. Manuel said, “Everyone had their moments, and everyone had a reason to be thought of as a key player. But if we really had to put the victory on one person, I would put it on Mr. Balint. Mr. Balint was the key member of the team. Especially with Mrs. Jolly missing, he had to work harder. He went into every team that was playing and showed his effort, not only relying on student coaches. Mr. Balint was, for me, the one who calmed me down.”

The varsity players move up to the high school team for the 2024 season. Evan said, “Next year is going to be tough since I still haven’t developed fully, but I’m trying to get into the A team to play with my brother. Even though we fight a lot, I still look up to him as a role model.” 

Alex J. in grade 7 said, “This year the A team and B team both won so we are all excited to participate next year and win the title again. And since I was in 7th grade and I was led by 8th graders, now I’m the 8th grader so I should lead the 6th and 7th graders.” They feel motivated to replace open spots and win a three-peat next season. 

Even with roadblocks along the way, vengeance and strong coaching brought the boys to their final destination. The high school undefeated season inspired these middle schoolers as the DIS boys proved their strength on the volleyball court once again.