[Photos] Middle School Girls Conclude Their Journey in Busan

Veteran 8th Graders Look Forward to Joining the High School Team

Ricky Jang, Sarah Lee, and Luna Kang

The middle school girls headed down to BFS (Busan Foreign School) for the final volleyball tournament of the season on February 24th. Both teams gave their all at the showdown and brought an emotional ending to the season. The varsity team closed up the season in third place, and junior varsity (JV) won second place.  

Although the 8th graders ended their journey as middle school athletes, they look forward to stepping up to the next level as freshmen. Leewen, a team setter, said, “I want to win in high school, and since it’s high school, they will be way better than middle school. I hope to practice more during break and not forget about volleyball.”

Bonnie, newcomer to the team and fellow 8th grader, said, “One thing we can do better when we go to high school, is we can keep our energy level constant so it doesn’t go bad. It affects how we play.”

With high hopes for victory in their next chapter, the middle school volleyballers are eager to grow into stronger athletes.