Caped Crusaders Count to 100 for the 100th Day of School

Kindergarteners and First Graders Join for a Centuplicate Celebration

Andrew Shim, Jade Lee, and Elizabeth Ryu

Students became superheroes for the 100th day of school, celebrating their educational achievements. Photo by Ms. Suozzo.

Enthusiastic students from the ECC building ran through the hallways, finding as many number panels as they could on the 100th day of school. Students participated in multiple activities centered around the special number, celebrating the milestone. Ms. White described, “Students made superhero capes and chose 100 different items to put on the cape. They also did various math activities such as a scavenger hunt, where they searched for 100 numbers around campus.”

First graders roam around campus, finding number panels in hopes of completing the scavenger hunt. Photo by Ms. Suozzo.

Ms. Suozzo further explained the significance of this day: “First grade and Kindergarten have both been counting up to 100 days since school started, where everyday it is part of our morning routine. On the last day, we celebrate the 100 days of learning. We specifically put focus on this number, because one of the math standards for Kindergarteners is counting up to 100, and for first graders, they go a little bit beyond till 120. So, celebrating the accomplishment of counting up to a hundred on this day is meaningful for these students.”

First graders flaunt their custom capes filled with a hundred items. Photo by Ms. Suozzo.

Ms. Suozzo continued, “I think this will be a memory that will stay long-term for these students. Even today, I passed by my former students who saw the capes we created this year, and they remembered doing similar activities for the 100th day of school [last year]. So, I think these moments are really good for grade-level communities and just to have fun!”

The scavenger hunt ended on a successful note — all numbers panels were found by the end of the school day. Photo by Ms. Suozzo.

Students themselves also appreciated this ceremony. Keren from 1st grade described, “I think I will remember this in the future because I had fun with my friends, and they are very important to me.”

Mason, also a first grader, noted, “I had fun because I showed my cape to my friends, and I also became a superhero!”

For these students, this effervescent celebration isn’t just about reviewing what they learned. It also symbolizes all the fun they can have while exploring new topics and getting to know the world around them. Hopefully, this numeric milestone will continue to hold its significance for younger Jets.