Dear Jimin: Double Bad Hair Day

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Design by Jimin Shin.

Jimin Shin, Jodie Lee, and Jessica Woo

Dear Jimin,

Hey, it’s me, Justin in 8th grade. I’m gonna grow my hair long again and I can use some advice on hairstyle and hair care. Thank you.

From Justin

Dear Jimin,

My hair is getting longer. I was wondering how I could style it better.

Sincerely, Maddox

Hello, Justin and Maddox,

Having an uncontrollable mane used to stress me out. Desperate to find solutions, I found some quick fixes. These are the hair habits I try every day. Give them a shot even if they seem like a hassle:

To begin with, I always use conditioner when I shower. You may think it’s unnecessary, but it will make your locks smoother for sure. When you use it, just remember you must brush with your hands at the same time.

After the shower, always use a blow dryer. I get that most boys don’t take this step, but drying will make your hair soften. Invest a few minutes and your hair-do stays neat all through school. That beats a bad hair day, any day. While drying, try combing at the same time to ensure extra hold. Actually, it helps to brush a few random times throughout your day.

If you want to take one more step toward a perfect hair-do, experiment with some products. Essence ensures a silky, smooth appearance with a pleasing scent.

Lastly, when it grows too long, a trim is a must. Snip those split ends. Sometimes keeping your locks extra long looks messy. Cut it every few months to tidy it up.

To be honest, I sometimes get too lazy to maintain all these habits. But for the most part I maintain most steps on the daily. You should still try to put time and effort into caring for your hair if you want to enhance your style. I’ll keep an eye out for your new look.

Sincerely, Jimin

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