Dear Jimin: I Ruminate About Rumors

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Jimin Shin and Jodie Lee

Dear Jimin,

I am a high schooler, and I am facing hardships in school life. Recently a girl in our grade saw me with a game and misunderstood that it was a weird anime, and then started to believe that I am a crazy person who likes 2D anime characters. I wanted to convince them that I didn’t have a taste for anime characters, but it became a rumor that got spread around my entire grade. What should I do to recover my reputation?

From Anonymous

Hey Anonymous,

I understand how miserable you must feel about the false rumor spreading throughout your grade, ruining your reputation. It truly gets under your skin, doesn’t it? Don’t worry though. Teenagers often experience badmouthing: You’re not alone.

First of all, I want to tell you that as devastating as those comments may feel, don’t waste your precious time ruminating. I understand the challenge, especially because there’s a target on your back, but gossip dissipates as quickly as it forms. Even if it doesn’t, though, remember that you won’t be affected by hearsay as long as you take control of your own life. If you know the truth, who cares what other people think? So, just let it go!

Unfortunately, this may not be the last time people talk about you behind your back. But stay positive, because you’ll know exactly how to deal with it from your experiences this year.

Also, if you redeem yourself by showing others your true colors, you will slowly prove that the gossip isn’t true and get your reputation back. Just be yourself and never let others press you down.

In this case, since your hobbies and interests aren’t something you can prove to others with evidence, I suggest you just wait until the gossip fades away. Be confident in yourself even when others try to humiliate you. I have been in your shoes, and I know how terrifying being alone is. But believe in yourself and don’t let people break down your gifted soul.

Sincerely, Jimin

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