Dear Jimin: Worried Sick Senior

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Jimin Shin, Jodie Lee, and Elizabeth Ryu

Dear Jimin, 

Hmm… I am about to head to college soon, but I’m not sure if I’m ready. I’m basically leaving my family, my old way of life, home, school, and many of my friends to get plopped into a new environment so far away. I’m worried if I can handle it and I am wondering how to cope with missing my loved ones. The future is so unsure and scary. There is supposed to be so much excitement but there is so much riding on me and so many people to disappoint that I feel like it overshadows the excitement.

Any advice?

Sincerely, Leo

Dear Leo, 

I can’t even imagine how anxious and sad you must feel as you spend your last few months here at DIS. Once you’re in college, you’ll unfortunately be away from your friends and family. But remember that your loved ones are not going anywhere and they remain a mere phone call away. Before you realize it, you’ll be slaying it at university, making new friends and growing closer to achieving your dreams.

A new environment doesn’t mean that you have to let go of the people you don’t see on the daily. Make sure to reach out and keep in touch. Call or message your old pals often by using platforms like Facetime or Google Meet; see one another face to face. You’ll feel like you’re right there in the same room together. Catch up with each other and coordinate plans for when you meet again.

Coming from personal experience, I always make sure to call my buddy who lives in the States. We still maintain a close friendship. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss laughing and spending time with her in person, but this helps remind me that we’re there for each other no matter what.

If you’re worried about your future at college, maybe try to reach out to past seniors who went through your same dilemma. If you don’t communicate with any alumni, search for some YouTube videos for advice. It will make you less worried once you listen to others who overcame the same problems.

I am confident that you will live a happy life after DIS. Have faith in yourself, as your favorite people will always be there to support you. Also, don’t worry about disappointing anyone. College is a time to learn from mistakes and experience new opportunities. Don’t be too concerned about the immediate future; instead, think about how exciting it will be to immerse yourself in a new community.

Sincerely, Jimin

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