Jets Kick Off First Futsal Event of The Season

Futsal Teams Show Their Newly Learned Skills at the Bear’s Cave

Juan Cortez, Luna Kang, and Jade Lee

The Futsal teams traveled to the divisional tournament at ISB (International School of Busan) on October 18th.  Many games were played throughout the day, some were won and some were lost. The girls battled all day while the boys experienced an unprecedented breakthrough. 

Jacob fights for the ball against BFS. Photo by Anna Tzou.

Over the years HIS (Handong International School) earned a reputation for their unbelievable soccer skills. Historically, our Jets seemed to compete with a nervous energy against them. The boys knew HIS would be difficult to face, but in the end, the Jets were victorious. They dominated the match with a score of 5-0. 

Maddox swings towards the ball after dribbling through the defenders. Photo by Anna Tzou.

Even though this was not for the official trophy, the boys team couldn’t be happier. Justin in grade 8 said, We beat HIS for the first time ever, and it made me feel happy. We were screaming and throwing our shin guards.” Many players feel a deep connection to this sport, especially those who have been on the team since elementary school like Justin.

Jayden takes the free kick with great power. Photo by Jiyun Chung.

Apart from the players, coaches boast a deep love for the sport as well. Mr. Jolly, girls coach, said, “ I feel like coaching is kind of returning the favor for the people that gave up their time for me and my friends. Plus, I just enjoy coaching and watching the girls learn new skills and build each other up.” 

Leewen shows off her newly learned skills to the HIS team. Photo by Anna Tzou.
The girls team breaks from the huddle before the game. Photo by Anna Tzou.
The boys end the game with a friendly handshake. Photo by Anna Tzou.

There wouldn’t be learning opportunities without losses along the way. Players hoped for more victories, but Mr. Jolly said, “My hope is that in the last tournament both the middle school boys and girls teams love playing futsal and that they learned new skills.” 

Jayden uses her skills to get past the BFS defender. Photo by Anna Tzou.
Jacob dribbles down the field for a chance to score. Photo by Anna Tzou.

The squads grew to enjoy the sport and promise to improve from mistakes. Overall, The Jets played their best and made the coaches proud. By taking this learning opportunity seriously, the players might bring back the trophy on November 19th.

The boys team huddle in for some quick motivating words. Photo by Jiyun Chung.