Dear Jimin: Sincerely, a Sincere Senior

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Hey Jimin,

My name is Betty, and I’m a high school senior! Ever since I became a senior, I have been thinking about how to make my senior year more memorable.

When I became a freshman at DIS, I was so excited about all the new possibilities that high school would present. But COVID happened, and it basically rigged my high school dream life!  Now that the COVID regulations are looser, I want to finally carry out my wishlist and have a memorable year! The only problem is I don’t have enough ideas to do so.

If you have ideas about things to do to make the year more memorable, that’d be awesome! Thank you for helping me out.

Best, Betty

Dear Betty,

As it is also my last year of middle school, I understand exactly where you’re coming from. Even though I’m only an eighth grader, I too worry about making lasting memories to hold on to forever with my current classmates. Senior year is supposed to be the best! And yeah. Covid was horrible. It limited all of our experiences for the past 3+ years. But this year will be different, with spectacular events already happening as Covid regulations loosen up. 

A picture is worth a thousand words – and in this case – a thousand memories. Capture your moments forever with great photos of you and your pals without masks. Go outside where it is safe. Get goofy in front of the camera. A photograph is what lasts once the party ends.

Post your top pics on Instagram and urge your friends to do the same. Years down the road, you and your pals will feel nostalgia when you guys look back through the posts and miss each other. 

Try writing a bucket list. Talk to your close friends and take notes on big goals or places you want to visit together before graduation. Making a checklist of wishes will keep you busy from being bored, plus it gives you focus on how to spend your precious time and make better memories. For example, you can try bungee jumping at E-world, visit a haunted house, eat every flavor of ice cream at Baskin Robbins, or catch a flick at the drive-in.

Time will fly by as you spend spectacular moments during senior year. When people look back on life, they don’t regret the things they did; they regret the things they didn’t do. I wish you and your friends the most amazing year for the class of 2023. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to just make time for each other. Hang out with friends, whether it is an Insta-worthy event or just some mundane moment. Don’t miss out on spending time with people you cherish. Make your friendship as thick as thieves. 

Sincerely, Jimin

P.S. I will miss you when you graduate.

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