SKAC Sports Spring Back

Elementary and Middle School Basketball and High School Futsal Return to End the Year


Abhiram runs up for a layup with one hand. Photo by Mikey Pierog.

Sarah Lee and Mikey Pierog

After a lengthy pause in SKAC sports, the athletic directors at each school had a meeting at the end of March and decided to resume tournaments. All sports started up on April 11th and will finish their seasons in mid-May. All the SKAC schools agreed to start quarter 4 sports, which are basketball for elementary and middle school, and futsal for high school.

High school futsal teams have their tournament down in Busan on April 23rd, getting in additional weekend practices on top of their usual Monday and Friday practices prior to the game. Mrs. Jolly expects to get in another friendly game or two before the end of the season. Middle basketball players will have their divisional on April 30th and their finals on May 13th, at HIS and ISB/BFS respectively. Elementary basketball teams will finish off their season with the finals on May 14th at DIS.

The elementary boys basketball team shows determination as they ponder their first SKAC tourney since the beginning of COVID. Photo by Mikey Pierog.

Mrs. Jolly hopes that students are excited to play sports again. “Even though it’s been a really strange couple of years, I hope that the teams will form really strong friendships and that we can develop and improve our skills…hopefully, we will win a few tournaments as well!”

Mrs. Rouse shows the footwork of a layup for a line of elementary boys. Photo by Mikey Pierog.

Here are the sports that are resuming and the head coaches: 

ES girls basketball – Mr. Bergan

ES boys basketball – Mr. and Mrs. Rouse

MS girls basketball – Mr. Park

MS boys basketball – Mr. Kaschub

HS girls futsal – Mr. and Mrs. Jolly

HS boys futsal – Mr. Purdy