Our Own Silver Screen

Catch a Flick on the Second Floor with Movie Club


Illustration by Sophie Lee.

Alex Seo, Jessica Woo, and Alyssa Chang

It’s been a long time since a trip to the theater was a viable way to hang out with friends. There are tons of new films on the market, but COVID-19 is keeping cinemas out of reach. DIS has a solution – Ms. Butcher’s Movie Club is back with a new shine. Now, students are able to enjoy motion pictures on a big screen again.

This middle school ASA is held every Thursday in Ms. Butcher’s classroom, allowing students to watch a variety of flicks and critique them with their friends. Ms. Butcher explained, “Lots of students don’t have much time to socialize due to hagwons. Also, due to the COVID outbreak, students can’t meet up with their friends and watch a movie, which is one of the reasons why I made this club.”  Ms. Butcher also allows members to enjoy snacks (while socially distanced, of course) to make the atmosphere like that of an actual theater.

Seventh-grader Bryan thinks this extracurricular is an excellent opportunity to relax with friends, “The movies are fun, and we can also vote for what movies to watch.” Club constituents watched flicks such as Goosebumps, The Mitchells vs. The Machines, and Free Guy

Sixth-grader Minji remarked, “I can watch interesting movies and watch them with my friends.” She enjoys feature films with her BFF Bella, along with the amount of choices members get when voting on what picture to watch next. 

Movie Club doesn’t just watch – they discuss, too. Before settling in, members predict what might happen. During the movie, students analyze plot structure; chewing over everything from characters and conflicts to story elements.

Towards the end of ASA time, everyone explains what parts of the film they liked and disliked; and once they finish the entire picture, they’re able to have longer opinionated discussions. 

The ASA is an opportunity for students to get some relief from academic stress and it provides a way to watch movies socially during this antisocial pandemic we’re living. Pop some popcorn, kick back, and relax with a lovely film and your friends.