Say Cheese! A Shoot Full of Memories

Capture moments at Photoism Box

Photoism Box is located in downtown, Dongsung-ro.

Jiyun Chung, Alyssa Chang, and Jade Lee

Self-photo booths, where people can take and print their own pictures, are rising in popularity. These pop-up shops and booths are everywhere downtown, and people all over Korea are seizing the opportunity to capture fleeting moments in photographic form. In order to see what this trend was all about, I decided to visit one myself.

The booth I visited was called “Photoism Box” in Dongsung-ro, the heart of Daegu. Unlike other self-photo booths, this place had a simple, clean, and classy interior that caught my eye while I was walking down the street. Inside, there are three rooms where you can take pictures, and a corner where people can put on cute headbands and hats as props. 10 points to “Photoism Box” for cleanliness, preparedness, and good equipment! The ability to take pictures in a private area without receiving weird stares from strangers on the streets makes this a great place to go with some of your shy friends.

After putting on the props you want and touching up your hair & makeup, you enter the flashing booths, where studio-grade lights are ready to provide you with magazine cover-worthy photos. Using a touch-screen machine, you can choose the layout of your pictures’ frames first. Then, insert money to start taking photos. Although 10 seconds to pose may not sound like enough time, there’s no need to fret. The machine lets you retake the shots that you pay for when you enter the booth. The ability to retake gives “Photoism Box” an edge over other photo booths where you have just one chance to pose. 

Photos can also be customized according to your taste: you can use colorful filters, or the different hues of the frame to make the pictures one-of-a-kind. The most unique part of the experience is probably the QR code provided for each user, which shows you a time-lapse of your photo-taking process on the back of the photos–a feature that can only be found at “Photoism Box.”

The cost of “Photoism Box” is well worth it for the magazine-worthy pictures and unforgettable experiences. The high-tech machines, uncluttered interior, and cute props of “Photoism Box” give anyone the opportunity to capture lively, personal moments with friends and family in HD.

Jiyun, Jodie, Anna, and Geo pose for the unique time lapse at “Photoism Box.”