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Girls varsity basketball faces double defeat against the Warriors

Jets play one away and one at home before SKAC & KISAC tournaments
Nayoung Kim
Point guard Minori Kojima outruns the defense after a turnover. She hurries toward the basket for the layup. Her fast-break leads to an open opportunity.

The girls’ varsity basketball team battled the Daegu Middle High School (DMHS) Warriors at Camp Walker on Dec. 12 then held a rematch at Daegu International School (DIS) on Jan. 16. Despite their efforts, the Jets ultimately lost both bouts by big numbers. 

Center Bonnie Kim (number 18) sprints past the Warriors’ defense for a basket. The defenders turn to block Kim’s shot. (Jackson Chiang)

The Jets entered the first matchup with Minori Kojima (number 9) as point guard, Annie Cho (number 3) as shooting guard, Lily Lee (number 4) as small forward, Dana Lee (number 23) as power forward, and Bonnie Kim (number 16) as center. In the second game, Coach Bergan switched up the lineup with Apple Jun (number 7) as the shooting guard and Annie in reserves on the bench.

Varsity captain Minori Kojima (number 9) shows off her perfect form in a free throw. Kojima attempts to make a clean shot for the point. (Jackson Chiang)

The girls faced tough opponents with center Jasmine Harvey (number 23), who towered over the rest at an impressive 193cm. On top of that, Trinity Harvey (number 5) and J. McClendon (number 10) stood much taller than any Jet, at over 180cm. “Their team’s average height is pretty tall. And compared to that, we are shorter, and I think that sort of intimidated us and caused us to not play our best,” Freshman Victoria Kang (number 1) said. Size mattered in both games.

Victoria Kang (number 1) catches the pass and faces a tough defender. She looks for a teammate to pass to for the point. (Nayoung Kim)

The Jets crash-landed with a score of 41 to 1 at the away game, and the sole point scored by Kang. She said, “I worked hard on my free throw, but I was still really nervous. I felt so happy and proud of myself for getting that one point and it sort of lightened up the team’s atmosphere.” 

Minori Kojima (number 9) kneels to pass the ball over to small forward Lily Lee. The Warriors sprint to steal and get a turnover. (Selina Son)

Throughout the game, the girls hesitated and passed the ball around rather than shoot themselves, which resulted in no field goals or three-pointers. “Generally our offense was weak, and we didn’t shoot even if we had the opportunity to,” Jayden Hayward (number 27) said.

Shooting guard Jayden Hayward (number 27) practices her mid-range shots before the match. The last-minute fine-tuning comes in handy as the game progresses. (Selina Son)

Lack of practice time also played a role in their loss. “We also need to memorize our moves, because when we go in the game, we panic, and we forget what to do. And we didn’t have enough opportunities to practice because we have winter break and even in practice, we had a hard time understanding what the drills and what we have to do,” Amy Shim (number 18) said. The Warriors practiced for months, whereas the Jets hit the court for the first time after only four practices. 

Coach Bergan barks at the girls to hustle back down the court after a turnover. The Jets run back to set up their zone defense. (Sunny Oh)

In the wake of the big defeat in game one, the squad returned to fundamentals and relearned offensive plays, in-bounds passes, boxing out, and zone defense. Coach Bergan said, “We didn’t run our drills properly and our strategies were blocked and seen by the opponents. So, during our last practices, we changed the defense and offense strategies up.” The Jets drilled a new defense to elevate their performance. 

The Mini Jets perform for the Jets in halftime. The girls impress the crowd with their stunts. Gia Park in second grade stands tall on top of the pyramid. (Selina Son)

In the second bout at the home court Jetnasium, the Warriors once again cruised through with a final of 45 to 3. The Jets’ 3-point total included a free throw by Annie Cho and a 2-point jump shot by center Amy Shim. “I was proud of myself because I shot, and I was proud that our team improved by shooting the two-pointer,” Shim said.

The Jets shake hands with their cross-town rivals after a tough loss. They suffered with a 40-point difference, but nonetheless showcased commendable sportsmanship. (Sunny Oh)

The altered zone defense worked better for the team. However, just like the first contest, the girls struggled on offense. Moreover, multiple missed passes led to countless turnovers throughout the rematch.

Small forward Grace Cho (number 7) launches for a jump shot. Grace attempts a last-minute two-pointer against the Warriors but misses by a hair. (Nayoung Kim)

Despite setbacks such as physical differences, the girls showcased improvement throughout the two games. The Jets gear up for the upcoming KISAC tournament in Busan from Feb. 23 to Feb. 24. 

The Mini Jets and Glider cheer for varsity co-captain Dana Lee (number 23) during the announcement of the starting lineup. Dana gets both nervous and excited at the same time as she prepares for the rematch. (Selina Son)
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Annie Cho, Writer
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