Lazy Bunny

Jane Nam, Video Production Student

These days influencers get as much recognition as regular celebs, sometimes even having a more significant impact on social trends. As much as the attention they get, they’re facing difficulties like stalkers. Anna(G12) and I thought it would be interesting to make a video of a steamer dealing with her stalker and show it as if it is an actual live stream.

In this short film, the whole stalking story is told by the streamer while she interacts with the stalker through chat without noticing it. Also, the stalker comes up to her door during the live stream. I’m not a famous person, but while looking at YouTube videos I thought the biggest fear as a streamer while being under the spotlight would be having no privacy which includes getting stalked.

This was our first time making a short film that looks like a real video, not fictional. This whole video is shown only through a streaming platform. To write the script and edit, we watched many videos of actual streamers to understand how they talk and interact with fans. This was new for both of us and we’re satisfied with our project.