Students’ Gifts Come to Life

The Long Awaited Talent Show Goes Live in the Jetnasium

An annual DIS event, the Talent Show returned after a COVID hiatus. The afternoon aims to highlight how, “many people have different talents, also showing an opportunity for students to show their talents,” according to Lewis, webmaster of the High School Student Council (HSSC). An energized crowd, new voting system, and a surprise winner contributed to a memorable experience for students, teachers, and parents. 

Student Council Vice President Matthew said, “I think it’s been a while since we had a live talent show. By bringing this event back live, we are hoping students can share their talents, K to 12, that they have been nurturing throughout COVID. We just want to make sure that everyone gets space to make memorable experiences by sharing their talents.”

Multiple factors complicated the show arrangement. The council members had to keep in mind everyone’s schedule, grade levels, and performance categories to perfect the event. 

The selection procedure proved a tough challenge for the organizers and the panel of audition judges. “Because the time is limited and spots are limited, panels engage in a debate often. Also, making sure that we can get all 21 performers to present within that hour and twenty minutes, including the emcee times, is really difficult, considering that we need time to set up things,” Matthew explained. 

But the selection process was also enjoyable. “I enjoyed that because as we were judging, we can see how the people in our school have different talents,” commented Lewis.  

Lewis and Mr. Hutchings teamed up to film and take photos. Meticulous arrangements strengthened the official show that went live for a crowd of hundreds. Alex and Solah teamed up to host the afternoon with the entire K-12 student body and parents of performers seated in the crowd.

The live talent show suffered no snafus. Performances astonished the audience. As eyes focused on the stage, Jason in first grade pumped people up early with his song and dance. Seventh grader CJ’s mom attended and said, “The first grader that danced on stage radiated confidence. I could see that he was enjoying the show. The audience was also really engaged, and that entertained me as well.”

Many students brought their music tutors on stage to accompany them on piano, but CJ and Thomas recruited the math teacher Ms. Wang instead. Ms. Wang reflected, “We practiced so much. We practiced almost every week for one hour. Also, we did individual practice over the weekend. And when we met together, we rehearsed, trying our best to play as a real performance.” 

Every attendee got to vote for the best act after the show. A new system allowed elementary schoolers to toss their selection in a bucket while older people selected online through a Google Form. Early performer Jason in 1st grade took the victory. His rendition of Dancing Monkey by Tones and I beat out the likes of Ms. Wang and her seventh graders, string instrumentalists, ballet dancers, and a magician.  

The 2023 Talent Show served as the final event that HSSC will host for the year.  The hard work of Mr. Hutchings and his disciples paid off. The curtain call brought the spring semester closer to the finish line, as the upcoming assemblies, field days, and graduation ceremonies will round out an eventful post-COVID school year.