What Advice Would You Give Yourself if You Could Go Back in Time?

DIS Staff Members and Students Look Back at their Younger Selves


Image by Serena Travers.

The thought of time travel intrigues many. People reflect on their past decisions, especially as the school year winds down. I wondered, “what would people do if they could go back in time and meet their former selves? Let’s see how you would mentor your younger selves. 

Mrs. Lopez, Spanish teacher:

“I would advise myself to be more assertive and not to refrain from expressing my needs, perspective, and point of view to friends and to family.”







Maha, Grade 1:

“Maybe I did something wrong. If I do it again, then that would cause a problem, so I’d give myself advice not to do that. For example, if I accidentally bumped into someone and get a bruise or an injury I would tell myself not to do something like that.”






David, Grade 11:

“I want to go back to when I was a middle schooler and tell myself to work harder and try to look for another field of study. I would have maybe looked into music or math.”






Mr. Lee, Staff member:

“I’d tell myself to do what I like and try to enjoy life because I had things in the past that I did not do. Looking back, I wish I had done more of the stuff that I liked.”







Viviana, Grade 2:

“I’ll say to go to DIS earlier because I like DIS better than Youngshin.”  







Masa, Grade 12:

“I would say don’t go to a Japanese elementary school. I went to an international kindergarten and my first language was English but I transferred to a normal Japanese school so I forgot my English skill. I regret it multiple times.”  






Mr. Zhao, Chinese teacher:

“Maybe I will tell my past self – If you want to do something you should just do it when you have the time or energy to do it. Don’t wait until the future.”







Jenny, Grade 2:

“Study harder. Actually, go to DIS earlier because DIS is fun and there are a lot of activities like Halloween and Christmas.”







Told you! Time travel never fails to entertain. I enjoyed all of these spirited answers. I would love to hear from all of you as well. Leave me a comment with what advice you would give yourself.