[Photos] Spring Kicks Off with the Middle School Social

Student Council Party Surpasses Expectations

The Middle School Student Council (MSSC) members overcame last-minute obstacles to host a party that provided a great transition into break. The Spring Social delighted students with festive stalls and spruced up the event with fun games.

Students gathered in the gym and waited in anticipation as Oliver, the president of the Council, officially began the event. The party started with a scavenger hunt, followed by various sports activities. Participants showed eagerness to find capsules that contained tickets to spin the wheel for special prizes. Afterward, students chilled with a chicken-and-pizza dinner accompanied by a pleasant sunset. And to wrap up the night, they moved to the Jetnasium, full of lively booths and a breathtaking dance party. 

The Student Council worked hard to top off the year with the best celebration yet. Ginna, a member, commented, “Making the photo booth was really complex because it needed to be really big and stable in order to fit people in there to take photos.” 

Mrs. Jolly filled in as advisor and said, “The hard part was that it was all put together at the very last minute. I think all of that was difficult and probably if we had more time, then we would’ve constructed the booths a little bit better because it was just a time issue, mostly.” Despite the rushed planning process, the event came together in the end, and everyone created unforgettable memories with their friends.

7th grader Becky said, “The party was very fun and a nice experience to socialize with other people. My favorite part of the party was the tug-of-war because we could show our 7th grade teamwork, and we were unbeatable.” She also added that the Spring Social outdid last October’s Halloween Party with a myriad of stalls that hyped up the students.

The middle schoolers successfully hosted their second bash of the year. Now, they set their sights on a final hurrah before summer break. Student Council leadership might team up with their high school counterparts for a getaway. Keep your ears open for the last events of the 2022-2023 school year.