MBTI Mania

How Each Personality Type Responds to Different Situations


Illustration by Sophie Lee.

Okay, I know that the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) may seem a bit overrated at this point. Yes, the psychology community debunked it. Regardless, It’s still on trend in Korea, and my friends go on and on about their results. MBTIs are like the new zodiacs here. They heavily influence teens on how they see themselves and others.

While the official MBTI test requires payment and some help from certified professionals, most of us took the simplified free version. At the end of the assessment, a combination of four letters reveals the unique personality type of the test taker. I asked various questions and gathered responses from sixteen people, each with a different MBTI.

Here are the questions:

1) How do you prepare for trips?

2) How do you help a friend that seems upset? 

3) How do you spend your free time?

Jayden, 8th Grade: INFP

1) I guess I would plan a few weeks ahead of time, pack my stuff one day before, and leave.

2) I would go talk to my friend and see what is making them upset.

3) Read or watch Youtube, maybe play the guitar.





William, 9th Grade: ENFP

1) I would plan how much I would use, and who I’ll go with.

2) I would leave him alone because he would figure it out.

3) I usually just sleep.





Kate, 10th Grade: ISTP

1) I would go first and then look out the car window. If the place looks interesting, then I would stay.

2) I would probably ask them why he/she is upset and find a reasonable solution to make them feel better.

3) I play games and usually go on electronic devices.




Jennie, 6th Grade: ENTP

1) I will never plan anything. I’ll do whatever I want.

2) Ask why she’s upset. When she says something, I’ll say that in ‘that situation,’ you’d be able to do ‘these things,’ which might be able to make you feel better.

3) I’ll probably do nothing or something to improve myself. For example, I’d like to practice dancing, since that could improve my skills and kind of show off. I know it’s an immature thought, but I also learn other languages like Japanese and Italian so I can show off. When I go to other countries, I’d like to speak in those languages to impress people or just impress myself.


Chirayu, 7th Grade: ESTP

1) I don’t know, do what you do. Think later and do it now. 

2) I would comfort them.

3) I think I would read because books are good.





Ms. Wang: ISTJ

1) I’m going to borrow a book from the library about that country, read through it, pick the place I want to go, list the names, look at the map, and find the route so that I can plan a perfect plan.

2) I would first listen to what happened and try to understand their feelings, then try to come up with a solution together.

3) I have a lot of hobbies. I always crochet and paint while watching Netflix.




Roy, 7th Grade: INTJ

1) I would plan what I would do at a certain time by using tools like a daily schedule.

2) I’m going to say, “deal with it.”

3) I would stay inside and draw or play games.





Tracy, 4th Grade: ENFJ

1) Usually, I’d plan it in very organized timetables, but sometimes, when I can’t follow them, I would spend approximately 3 hours in each place I’m going to visit.

2) I’d probably comfort my friend because I can’t stand people who are feeling sad.

3) I really like reading, playing the cello, and playing sports.




Lisa, 12th Grade: ESFJ

1) First, I would know why I’m going on the trip. Secondly, I would know what time I’m leaving and what time I’m arriving, and the things I’m going to be doing there. I’m also going to be planning the place I will be staying at.

2) I would first ask them why they are upset. Then, I would sympathize with them and ask, ‘What can I help to make you feel better?’ ‘Do you want to go somewhere with me?’

3) I would play sports or listen to music. I don’t really have a specific thing I would do.



Claire, 7th Grade: ESTJ

1) I would plan the start time and the time when we will arrive. I just like to plan things out and I always make a plan B. If plan A doesn’t work out I always have to do plan B.

2) I’m going to ask how I can fix the problem for her. I would try to think of the reason why she’s upset because if she’s upset with me, I would talk with her about how this relationship would improve.

3) I usually make a list of things I want to do every time, and I try to plan the time too. Like 30 minutes of reading, then 30 minutes of crocheting.


Aiden, 11th Grade: ENTJ

1) Before I would go on the trip, I would do some research and make some documentation with the appropriate schedules of what I would do.

2) I’ll try my best to resolve the issue by figuring out the main problem.

3) I’d just watch Netflix or YouTube and plan ahead for my future assignments or things I would have to do.




Jason, 8th Grade: ISFP

1) I would plan the place I’ll go and the hotel I’m gonna be staying in but not the specific details.

2) I think it’ll depend on the situation, but if the best friend looks really mad, I would give them some space and talk later about it. But if the best friend doesn’t look that upset, then I would maybe try to talk to them. 

3) I would just stay at home, sleep, or do activities that I could do easily at home.




Ms. Nagy: INFJ

1) I plan it by looking at what kind of trip I want to take. Then I look up prices, places to stay, and how I’m going to get there. I try to book it ahead of time.

2) I try to offer comfort, whether that’s like bringing chocolate, giving a hug, or whatever their comfort language is. It depends on the friend because each individual is different.

3) I tend to read, go for a walk, or delve into the whole of Netflix and just watch TV for hours – but it depends on the mood and hour of the day.



Lea, 7th Grade: ESFP

1) I think I’m not going to plan it because I’m lazy, and I will search on the way to the trip.

2) I think I’m going to ask why you are upset. After that, I will call my friend and visit her house.

3) I’m going to play games or sleep in.





Emily, 12th Grade: INTP

1) I usually don’t plan things out that well. I just find out where I am going and where I am sleeping, and I think I kinda go wherever I want from there.

2) I think I would bake them something or buy them chocolates. I’m not good at comforting people when they are upset.

3) I like to draw, and I used to be into reading a lot when I had time. I like going outside.




Raphaella, 8th Grade: ISFJ

1) I will first get my phone and then find some places that I want to go, or some places that are really famous. Then I will write that down on my memo and plan what time I should go to the places.

2) I will ask them what made them feel depressed or sad, try to understand their feelings, and say that it’s okay.

3) In my free time, I will take some rest by sleeping, watching movies, or going through my cell phone.


As an INFP, I totally agree with Jayden. I see myself planning trips weeks and months in advance, but also packing my bag last-minute. Whether or not the MBTI test gives an accurate diagnosis, it is enough for teens to have fun relating to others with similar results. What is your personality type? Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with the person that has the same MBTI as you.