Jet Stream February 10th, 2023

Maisie Hwang and Anna Tzou

Maisie and Anna return to host again. Today we have highlights from the Winter Fine Arts Festival, and 2 segments on some elementary events.

Check out the highlight video about the Elementary Science Night hosted by SNHS on January 19th. The elementary students learned a lot of cool, interesting, and new things about science and had so much fun throughout the night. We also have a segment about the NCHS event, Dumpling Night.

The elementary students learned how to fold dumplings and got to enjoy their creation at the end of the night. The dumplings turned out great.

After 3 years, the school was finally able to get together for the Winter Fine Arts Festival. Students and parents were invited to enjoy the art exhibition and music performances. Make sure to check out Maisie’s highlight reel.