[Photos] Young Scientists Run the Gamut

The Science National Honor Society Treats Elementary Students with a Night of Learning

The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) hosted Science Night – an interactive learning session – in the Jetnasium for elementary students at the end of January. The youngsters participated in various activities related to astronomy, experimentation, environmental science, and other entertaining games to earn prizes. 

Elementary schoolers certainly displayed their enthusiasm for the event. Ellie from second grade said, “I had a fun time in Science Night because I got to do many different things that were fun and related to science. My favorite part was the station where we got to learn about space. I liked this part because I learned many new things that I didn’t know; I am interested in science, and want to become a scientist when I grow up in the future.” 

The students look forward for similar activities in the future as well. Second grader Louise explained, “I want to join this event again because I got to have fun with my friends and I also got to try many different things that I haven’t done before.”

Thanks to the hard work Ms. Lualhati and SNHS members put in, the 2023 Science Night ended fabulously. With students making cherishable memories with their friends, the scale and quality of the night impressed many participants. Moving forward, we expect SNHS to continue spreading knowledge and passion for the STEM field.