Get the Show on the Road

Elementary Students Rock the Winter Fine Arts Festival

Kindergartners transformed into mini Rudolphs for the festival. Photo by Jane Nam.

Despite the cold, adorable carolers warmed up the Jetnasium. K-5 students sang beautiful melodies to celebrate the wonderful time of year at the Elementary Winter Fine Arts Festival. On Wednesday, December 14th, students from Kindergarten to 5th grade performed over twenty winter-themed songs in front of parents and teachers. 

Wearing matching hats, kindergarteners sing about Santa and snow. Photo by Jane Nam.
The fifth grade band plays their instruments in front of an audience for the first time. Photo by Jane Nam.

The music department put great dedication ensuring that this event would be an enjoyable time for all. “It was exciting for everyone because we didn’t have one in three years. I met many parents and they were also excited,” Mr. Park said. He also added, “It was a great time for families, teachers, and students overall, and I thought the festival went pretty well.” But most of all, Mr. Park wanted every elementary student to enjoy their time at the concert. He explained, “My goal is just one thing: I want them to have a positive experience at the festival.”

A couple of the second graders step up to the front to sing their solos. Photo by Jane Nam.

During the performance, the kids’ faces were gleaming with happy smiles. Molly, a fourth grader, commented, “I enjoyed it [the concert] because many people sang, and I like singing. It made me feel happy.

Students beam at their parents after the performance. Photo by Jane Nam.

All of the students gave their best efforts throughout the semester to perfect their performances. Not only did they sing, but they also played instruments, and incorporated short dance numbers into their songs. With the pressure growing, Mr. Park encouraged the young singers to have fun and not worry about their singing skills: “I always tell them it’s ok to make mistakes during our class time or at the concert because we just learn from it.” Thanks to Mr. Park’s affirmations, all of the students had a great time. 

The event also attempted to focus on a general winter concept rather than a traditional Christmas theme. Mr. Park said, “Mrs. Cameron encouraged me not to have any Christmas music because not everybody celebrates Christmas. We decided to go with the winter theme, so I tried to pick songs related to snow, winter, or like light.” 

Second graders proudly hold up the flowers they received from parents. Photo by Jane Nam.

The seamless return of the elementary winter concert ended December with delight. The kids are already looking forward to the next festival, and Molly mentioned, “I want to say to the guests that we have one more concert left, so stay tuned.”  

All elementary students gather together for a grand finale of the concert. Photo by Jane Nam.